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Fernando Gonzalez channeling travel woes as motivation to win at ACB 87 MMA News 

Fernando Gonzalez channeling travel woes as motivation to win at ACB 87

Fernando Gonzalez (27-15) is not having an easy start getting to his first fight over at ACB. The 34-year-old fighter is taking his first fight ever in Europe with his new promotional home against Piotr Struss (12-3-2). In an interview with the Coast 2 Coast Combat Hour Gonzalez expressed a renewed excitement for MMA competition signing a six-fight contract with ACB but it seems he is having some trouble getting there for his first fight.

2hr delayed @ACB_League i am still grounded but we will make it happen. See you all soon.

Fernando Gonzalez, ACB 87

A two-hour delay along with a missing luggage situation had Gonzalez awaiting departure in New York on Wednesday but it looks like he finally made it in time for his fight Saturday, May 19 in Nottingham, England for ACB 87.

acb 87, Fernando Gonzalez

Gonzalez last fought for Bellator and last fought to the losing side of a decision loss against Lorenz Larkin. He holds wins over Brennan Ward, Brandon Girtz, and Karo Parisyan. Although his desire to compete has been renewed with fighting for a new promotion, the aggravation that comes from travel dilemmas may be what helps him secure a win this weekend at ACB 87. In a video he posted Wednesday, detailing his luggage issue he said he would not let it throw him off his game and use it as “motivation to whoop” his opponent.

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