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Chris “The Bearded Dragon” O’Brien: Believing And Becoming With Determination & Positive Thinking

Cage Titans Amateur Champion, Chris O’Brien (@ChrisOB531), 4-0, shares his journey thus far and becoming a champion for the organization while training with UFC caliber fighters like Manny Bermudez (@_MannyBermudez) and TUF 27 Standout Joe Giannetti (@GiannettiMMA) , day in and day out, trying to achieve what only a certain few men on earth can handle.

Chris opens up about the necessities of fighting like being mentally tough along with being physically fit. The two begin to discuss some of the latest headlines in MMA like CM Punk and what if he wins his next fight.. should he continue as a 1-1 UFC fighter or is that a wrap, thanks for the memories and now its time to sweep up and move on..? And of coarse Chris shares his opinion on UFC 224 drama that went down in the mane event with Rocky and her corner sending her back out to fight. Finally EVil Eddie asks about Chris’s mouth piece and the importance of having something that stand out to the crowd that they will remember.



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