Finding The Best Athletic Face Mask Design

Finding The Best Athletic Face Mask Design

Many of us did not think wearing face masks would become the new normal in our daily lives. Matter fact, most people did not know the struggle of running daily tasks with a mask on and more so, for athletes. Getting your day going on the track or on a pitch while at the same time, social distancing and covering up your nose and mouth can be quite the challenge. This is unless you have a face mask suited for athletes. We went undercover to discover the most comfortable and effective face masks designed for people who engage in vigorous physical activity even in the current Coronavirus crisis.

UA (Under Armour) Sport Masks

This is a best seller that is specifically designed to keep you cool during exercise and your nasal and mouth area dry. All moisture accumulated on the mask is diverted from your face and locked in an inner layer, thus preventing face chafing. Notably, the UA sports mask is thicker than most masks in the market, and owing to the polyester and polyurethane lining, this mask feels much lighter. It also contains air pockets with snug sidelines, which give it a distinctive structure sitting off the mouth area for better breathing. This comes in handy for athletes who have previously complained of suffocating in other mask designs. The cherry on top of this mask is its anti-microbial layer that works to keep the inside minty fresh. Additionally, it is also layered up with a UPF coating that safeguards athletes from the harmful effects of direct sun. You have to agree that the innovatively designed UA sports mark outdoes many in the current market.

AR Small Logo

The AR comes in all sizes and is extra firm to prevent readjusting when engaged in vigorous physical activity. It is designed with a valve to hold it up at all times and a ‘Viraloff’ layer that specifically keeps off all kinds of viruses from textile. The AR is fitted with a nanofilter that can be replaced after a while. The nanofilter accounts for free-breathing despite having three distinct layers. Another interesting technology used for this particular brand is the ‘Eco Acqua Zero’ which works incredibly to keep the mask cool and ever dry. All accumulated moisture content is diverted to the mask lining, where it can easily evaporate. Not many sports masks have such an effective self-cleaning mechanism. Despite all these features, the mask has a soft silky touch and very light hence does not agitate an athlete.


Mizuno Face Mask

The highly demanded Mizuno face cover was so popular on its release that a lottery had to be organized to meet the overwhelming demand in Japan. The mask’s design makes it versatile hence it does not have to be exclusively used for sporting activity. According to health specialists, the Mizuno is a recommendable option because of its improved airflow and maximum protection from virus infection, as well as preventing the spread of respiratory droplets. Runners report having a comfortable run with the Mizuno even when their heart and breathing rate becomes elevated. Part of the comfort is due to the swimsuit material used for the mask, making it very light and always dry. Long-term use of this design does not result to face chaffing and is very effective for the winter cold as it keeps the face warm but dry. Having a mask that can absorb and dispose of all moisture content is critical for athletes as they naturally sweat a lot during exercise.

Specialized masks for Japanese athletes have done great justice to the sports industry, especially for professional sports. Even under the prevailing pandemic and lockdown measures, most sports leagues have resumed providing us with the much-needed entertainment, and for online gamers from Japan that are looking for gaming options in quarantine, online sports bet has helped kill the boredom.


Caraa Sports Mask

Caraa also comes in all sizes, including sports masks for junior athletes, teenagers, and adults. They also have extra-large masks for towering athletes. What makes Caraa a top pick in the sports section is the dual-layer mesh-like structure that makes rapid breathing easy. The design also wicks off moisture content hence keeping inside dry and fresh. It also features a functional filter pocket and a nose wire for stability. For extra support, you can adjust the ear loops to your preferred size.


McDavid Sports Mask

This is another excellent design making life under the pandemic bearable for workout enthusiasts. The McDavid does not utilize ear loops but rather comes with stretch bands fitted around an athlete’s head. The brand is popular for masks that integrate protective gear technology and the use of sports braces. Its primary design comes in three layers and allows the user to add a silver pet filter for enhanced antimicrobial protection. You do not have to worry about your performance or go against the Covid-19 protective measures when exercising with the McDavid face mask.

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