Finishers Sub Only 8

Finishers Sub Only 8 Preview

This Sunday, February 24, 2019, at 10:30 a.m. ET, the Finishers Sub Only will be hosting its 8th event featuring the return of the 145 pound division for a 16-man tournament.

The winner of the tournament will take home a $2,500 cash prize. This event will also feature a full line up of superfights, including a main event superfight between Rey DeLeon of 10th Planet NYC/HQ and John Battle of McHugh BJJ. You can watch the live stream on the Show the Art youtube page and as always, the live stream is completely free for the fans. Check out the full lineup of the event below.

The 145 pound division has been one of the more exciting weight classes featured in the Finishers Sub Only, so you can be sure to expect fireworks in this one. The most recent 145 pound champion is Jon Calestine, who went on to win EBI. Some of the top contenders from the last 145 pound tournament are returning for this event, such as JM Holland, who submitted Renzo Gracie/Tristar standout Ethan Crelinsten before falling to in the semi finals to eventual winner Calestine. You’ll also want to keep your eye on Frank Rosenthal, who has been tearing it up on the competition scene lately and is easily one of the top seeds, with plenty of experience under the EBI ruleset. Sheridan Moran, who is a combat jiu jitsu veteran, will also be one of the likely top competitors featured in the 145 pound tournament.

Aside from the featherweight tournament, this event is absolutely stacked with superfights. Recent ADCC trials winner Nick Rodriguez will be taking on Eddie Sponeybarger. After his performances at both the east and west coast ADCC trials, many are looking at Rodriguez as a prodigy with only about 9 months of training.

There are quite a few women’s superfights on the card as well, including a match between EBI veteran Jess Feliciano and Sara Monzeglios, who has competed in the Finishers Sub Only and most recently at the west coast ADCC trials. The main event superfight between John Battle and Rey DeLeon is another excellent match.  Rey Rey will be competing in a bantamweight qualifier at Combat Jiu Jitsu Fight Night on Friday night before flying out to the east coast for the Finishers 8, so it will be interesting to see if he takes any damage Friday that affects him on Sunday. Regardless, these two are avid and experienced competitors and it should be an exciting match up between the two brown belts. DeLeon’s better half, Cece Mena, also has a superfight on the card against Chelsea Mapa.  Cece and Rey Rey also have their grand opening of their new 10th Planet NYC coming up just next weekend on Saturday, March 2 where there will be a seminar with Eddie Bravo to commemorate the occasion.

Rey Rey isn’t the only competitor putting his body on the line this weekend for multiple matches either. Jack Stapleton was originally scheduled for a superfight and has now stepped up as a last minute replacement for the 145 pound tournament as well, which is a bit above his normal weight class considering he recently competed in the 125 pound tournament at Finishers 7. Chris Crawford is another one that has two superfights scheduled for this event, one against Eric Naples and the other against Kevin Dantzler. All three of these guys were on the last Finishers event competing for the 125 pound title as well. With all of these thrilling match ups this is just another one of the Finishers Sub Only events you definitely should not miss.

Finishers Sub Only 8 Breakdown:


(125lbs) Kelsey Singh (Big Brothers) vs Christine Briggs (Scranton MMA)

(135lbs) Jack Stapleton (GFTeam) vs Alex Herrell (Alan Belcher MMA)

(125lbs) Eric Naples (RMNU) vs Chris Crawford (Training Yard/10P)

(125lbs) Cathryn Millares (Paramount BJJ) vs Jacquelyn Gola (Gracie Humaita Philly)

(170lbs) Stephan Gristina (Renzo Gracie Middletown) vs Vernon Jordan (10P Rochestor)

(130lbs) Chloe Tomlinson (Big Brothers) vs Kathryn Egan (Gracie Humaita Philly)

(195lbs) Mike Rakshan (Renzo Gracie) vs Danny Lopez (UFC Gym Long Island)

(125lbs) Savonnah Devoucoux (Black Tie, Wolf Pack and Evolution MMA) vs Alyssa Pellin (10P West Island)

(195lbs) Alex Nemeth (Strategic) vs Sergio Villas (NJMMA)

(205lbs) Alec Hooben (10P Bethlehem) vs Ian Stark (Team Balance)

(185lbs) Chris Shangholi (10P Long Island) vs Brian Antwon (Renzo Gracie)

(135lbs) Chris Crawford (Training Yard/10P) vs Kevin Dantzler (Team Webb)

(170lbs) Zack Edwards (10P Bethlehem) vs Dante Muschamp (Essential BJJ)

(170lbs) Tom Cellamare (10P Bethlehem) – vs Michael Kastroba (Big Brothers)

(230lbs) Nick Rodriguez (South Jersey BJJ) vs Eddie Sponeybarger (SGX)

(115lbs) Cece Mena (10P HQ/NYC) vs Chelsea Mapa (Training Grounds Jiu Jitsu & MMA)

(185lbs) Cory Guitard (10P Montreal) vs Enrique Galarza (Silver Fox)

(175lbs) Diego Ponce (10P Woodbridge) vs Daniel Hernandez (Renzo Gracie Bronx/Bayside)

(130lbs) Jess Feliciano (Padilla BJJ) vs Sara Monzeglio (Alan Belcher MMA)

(175lbs) Pierre-Olivier Leclerc (Tristar) vs Andrew Alexander (10P Grants Pass)

(145lbs) John Battle (Mchugh BJJ) vs Rey Deleon (10P HQ/ NYC)


JM Holland
Frank Rosenthal
Sheridan Moran
Gabe Tejada
Keith Krikorian
Valor Boyer
Javier Guzman
Julio Richiez
Judah Ciervo
Emilio Hernandez
Kyvann Gonzalez
George Strunk
Matt Dvorovy
Kevin Hughes
Matheus Batista
Jack Stapleton

Finishers Sub Only 8

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