Francis Ngannou and Alain Ngalani

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Francis Ngannou Praises ONE Championship’s Alain Ngalani

Francis Ngannou seems to have a wealth of respect for stalwart ONE Championship fighter Alain Ngalani.

In a recent video, with transcriptions courtesy of Sportskeeda, Ngannou was asked his thoughts on Ngalani and said, “He do crazy stuff with his kick, like, insane. Like, I watch his fight, most of the time, he’s not really like a boxing type of guy. I think his background might be something like karate or taekwondo. This is some style very special, so I know a lot about him. I always get impressed by his kick and he always caught people with this spinning back kick. He’s so fast that you can’t see him coming.”

In regards to the stylistic proclivities each has, Ngannou continued by quipping, “I can’t compare his own to my own, because I don’t have those stuff at all. What I do have is my punch. I can guarantee you I have that.”

Also, The Predator pondered what a possible fight with The Panther would look like.

The reigning UFC heavyweight champion said, “Fighting is a sport. You don’t fight somebody because you hate him, or because you want to hurt him, because it’s a sport, for the beauty of the sport. And for some reason, if you have an opportunity to fight your brother, which is gonna be just be good for you both, you know, you fight.”

Francis Ngannou and Alain Ngalani

In a response via his own social media post, Ngalani stated, “Some wise words from Francis. Congrats on your achievements my brother. And all the best! I see you when I see you Francis N’Gannou. God willing.”

Francis Ngannou coming off of the first successful defense of his UFC crown and also being a free agent is a confluence creating a lot of buzz in the combat sports community.

The thought of such a prolific KO artist entering the ONE Circle is an exciting notion. One that is also not out of the realm of possibility in the least.

What are your thoughts on a hypothetical Francis Ngannou and Alain Ngalani matchup in the future?

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