No reason to doubt Frankie Edgar's quick turnaround

Frankie Edgar discusses potential Conor McGregor fight: “The ball is in his court”

There had been talks that former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar was considering a drop down to the bantamweight division, after falling to Max Holloway at UFC 240 earlier this summer in a featherweight title fight, but now any plans of dropping down in weight could be on hold for Edgar.

Recently a fight with bantamweight contender Aljamain Sterling had been discussed for UFC 244, but Sterling has announced he underwent surgery and the fight between him and Edgar could not happen. As Edgar continues to be in the wait-and-see approach, a fight with former lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor has been rumored.

During a press conference with his management team Dominance MMA, Edgar spoke to ESPN about McGregor and the possibility of a fight happening between the two.

“I’m hearing he wants to fight me, across many channels. I told him I want to fight him, I told the UFC I want to fight him, but honestly, I don’t think the UFC wants that fight. I don’t know whether they want it because they [UFC] don’t want him to lose to me or they don’t think they can build it, ultimately I think it’s up to him. If he forces it, it could happen, the ball is in his court.”

Before he jumped up to the lightweight division, Conor McGregor spent time calling out Frankie Edgar when they were both at the top of the featherweight division. When asked why he believes McGregor wants the fight now instead of previously, Edgar says he believes “The Notorious” has confidence in getting a victory over him.

“I don’t know, he’s a tough guy to figure out. Maybe he thinks he can beat me, that’s probably the number one thing. I’m a name, I’ve been doing this for a while, so I think it’s a good fight for him or he thinks it’s a good fight for him, but I’m game, if he thinks he can beat me, let’s go.”

While McGregor has a very good relationship with UFC President Dana White, Frankie Edgar told ESPN he also has a good relationship with the boss, and he’s reached out to make his interest known for a fight with McGregor.

“I have already, he [White] knows I want it, but we’ll see. That’s why I said if Conor wants to put his foot down, he’ll make it happen.”

With Frankie Edgar planning to drop down to bantamweight, critics have been shooting down the idea of a fight with McGregor but “The Answer” says he believes a fight against him will help bring up the morale of McGregor.

“It’s a great fight. For him, he’s coming off a couple losses and he needs a win. I feel like after all the sh** he’s been in with throwing the phone, hitting the dude, he’s got a little bad press. Come in, fight me, I’m not going to talk no junk, he can kind of get a clean bill of health after me, and maybe we can bring up his morale in a sense. Maybe that’s what he’s thinking. No matter what it’s going to be a great fight. He’s’ f***ing going to sell it, I’m not going to let him talk too much sh**, we’ll get it going.”

As the bantamweight division is currently awaiting the return of champion Henry Cejudo and other top contenders to return from an injury, the timing of a Edgar and McGregor fight could make sense. Frankie Edgar wouldn’t have to be concerned with cutting weight and would stay at his natural weight class of 155 pounds. As the former champion stated, it’s all up to McGregor if this is the return fight he would like to have.

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