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Glover Teixeira believes experience will be the difference in Jiri Prochazka title fight at UFC 275

UFC light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira believes his experience will be the difference in the Jiri Prochazka title fight at UFC 275.

Teixeira defeated former champion Jan Blachowicz by submission at UFC 267 last October in an upset to become the promotion’s 205lbs champion. At age 42, he is one of the oldest champions we have ever seen in the UFC. But for Teixeira, that also means that he has a ton of experience. As far as the Brazilian is concerned, his experience is going to help him defend his belt against Prochazka.

In June at UFC 275 in Singapore, Teixeira and Prochazka meet in the main event of the evening. According to the betting odds, Prochazka is a near 2-to-1 favorite to beat Teixeira and win the belt. But as far as Teixeira is concerned, he’s not worried about the odds because he thinks he will win.

“The experience, the tranquility, I’ve been there several times, I already know what to do. I’m an experienced fighter. When these guys started fighting, training, I was already facing the best in the world. All this is experience, many years on the road, taking care of the body, I have never taken anything. They say Glover is the second oldest (UFC champion), but he’s the first post-USADA. I started fighting before USADA, but after (USADA got to the UFC) I got even better,” Teixeira told AG Fight.

While Teixeira has looked phenomenal the last few years, there is no doubt Prochazka presents a unique challenge as a very unorthodox striker. However, Teixeira isn’t phased by any of that, and he will continue to do the same training that has led him to get to this point of his UFC career.

“It’s hard to train for someone’s game. You have to do yours, what will you do best. It’s hard to get someone to copy their game because you also end up worrying a lot about the other one and forgetting what you need to do,” Teixeira said. “I have to work the eye a lot and be on the alert to see some gaps. I’ll see more of his fights to see where he steps, does certain things, what moves he makes. My business is training my gas tank, focusing on what I need to do. I’m prepared for a war and take the guys to the bottom and of course, see the gaps so I don’t take a hit and end the fight.”

Will Glover Teixeira get the upset win over Jiri Prochazka at UFC 275?

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