Guybson Sa Jon Jones grappling

BJJ Black Belt Guybson Sa believes he can submit Jon Jones in Super Grappling Match

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is currently on suspension after failing a couple of drug tests, and could be in for a longer on depending on the ruling USADA gives him here soon.

In the meantime Jones has continued to stay active an sharp in combat sports by competing in grappling matches, most recently competing against the likes of UFC Hall of Famer Dan Henderson.

Jones is once again looking to do in another grappling match here soon, he expressed his interest via Twitter after a fan initially asked him about competing.

Upon him replying, saying he’d be willing to compete again, he was instantly called out by Bellator prospect Dillion Danis but never responded back.

Shortly there after ,BJJ black belt and UFC Lightweight prospect, Gilbert Burns proceeded to challenge Jones for a showdown on the mat, in which Jones responded but the 2 had not agreed on a bout.

But, there is one man out there who believes should he face the former UFC Light Heavyweight he would definitely submit him.

Enter Guybson Sa, a local fighter on the southeastern regional scene.

Sa is one of the most feared BJJ Black Belts in the Southeastern region, but has also made his name in the grappling world.

A 2nd degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, with 2 Pan American, Brazilian, and American National Championships to his name, along with ADCC North America and 16 NAGA Expert Championships as well as multiple State Championships across the country, he definitely fits the bill, and could be a nightmare match up for Jones on the mat.

Another interesting tidbit on Sa is that he is undefeated in Grappling Super Fights and has defeated over 15 current and former UFC competitors.

Seeing these credentials and accomplishments, the Brazilian is supremely confident he can be the guy that can submit the taller, lankier Jones.

“Some guys challenge him, but I believe I am the man to submit him” Sa said.

“I have credentials and we are about the same in physical stats”.

In an attempt to generate more buzz for Guybson Sa’s bold claim, fellow regional promoter David Oblas issued 10k payoff to Sa should he be able to pull off the massive upset of Jones.

So far Jones hasn’t responded to the Brazilian’s challenge.

What do you think of Guybson Sa’s challenge to Jones? Can he pull it off?





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