Henry Cejudo finishes TJ Dillashaw in 32 seconds

Henry Cejudo lays out terms for TJ Dillashaw rematch

Back in August, Henry Cejudo shocked the world. He defeated longtime flyweight king, and arguably the greatest fighter ever, Demetrious Johnson. Cejudo would become the first UFC flyweight champion not named Demetrious Johnson. It was a huge achievement for Cejudo.

Then, on Saturday, arguably the greatest bantamweight of all-time in TJ Dillashaw moved down in weigh to take on Cejudo. Many expected Dillashaw to become the champ-champ. However, Cejudo shocked the world again as he defeated Dillashaw by TKO in just 32 seconds. It was a remarkable performance for the Olympic gold medalist.

Now, the question is, what is next for Henry Cejudo? Does he defend his belt against top contender Joseph Benavidez, or does he move up to bantamweight to challenge Dillashaw for his belt? Well, if a rematch against Dillashaw is next, Cejudo knows what needs to happen. The rematch will not be taking place at flyweight again, rather at bantamweight.

“I gave him the opportunity [to fight for my title],” Cejudo said post-fight. “I wanted to add to my legacy, I fought in the Olympics. If he wants a rematch, let’s do it at 135 pounds, let’s fight for your title and let me keep mine. I would have to talk to Dana and my team, but I’m the guy with the gold.”

“This win was not just for me but for every flyweight out there,” Cejudo added. “I put them on the map tonight. I know you don’t accept it, but I beat the baddest bantamweight of all-time, I stopped him.”

Cejudo is on top of the world now and should start to get the respect he deserves. However, the question still remains, is the flyweight division shutting down? Know for sure, Cejudo is confident his win saved the flyweight division. Because of that, he wants a chance to become a champ-champ and then start to defend his flyweight title.