How MMA Fighters Can Protect Their Joints

The world of mixed martial arts has always been associated with its fair share of bumps and bruises ever since its inception in the 1990s. Over time, fighting styles evolved from standing bouts to the well-known ground-and-pound techniques that we have witnessed in the octagon. While such methods do indeed require a great deal of strategy and talent, we also need to remember that submissions can wreak havoc upon the body; particularly the joints. This is why fighters need to embrace targeted training methods in order to reduce the chances of sustaining a potentially serious injury. What are some exercises that should be included within regular workouts and are there any supplements to consider?

All About Addressing Body Mechanics

Some joints are exposed to more mechanical pressure than others during a full-contact MMA match. These include the knees, the elbows, the shoulders, and the wrists to a lesser extent. It therefore stands to reason that certain areas of the body should be adequately strengthened in order to resist a painful and debilitating submission. A handful of exercises are naturally better than others. Here are some common examples:

· Squats and lunges for the knees.

· Triceps extensions for the elbows.

· Wrist curls for the wrists.

· Lateral, frontal and rear raises for the shoulders.

Having said this, it can sometimes be better for fighters to avoid restricted compound movements such as overhead machine presses. These can place an unnatural amount of pressure upon joints such as the elbows and shoulders.

Recuperation is just as important in order to avoid injury. This includes obtaining plenty of rest and downtime in between the training sessions themselves. Fighters should therefore participate in enjoyable activities based upon their preferences. From taking a hike in the woods to relaxing in front of a laptop and playing a few rounds of online roulette, allowing the body to adequately recover is key.

Supplementation to Consider

There are many sports supplements which can be used in synergy with the training methods mentioned above. For example, creatine monohydrate will help to increase the hydrostatic pressure within joints; reducing the chances of incurring an injury. Other natural chemicals can be used to augment and protect existing cartilage. Some useful formulations to consider include:

· Collagen

· Omega-3 fatty acids

· Chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate

· Turmeric

· White mulberry

Drinking plenty of water is also critical, as this will help nutrients enter into the joints. Hydration is likewise critical in terms of reducing muscle cramps and strains while training. Countless MMA personalities have been forced to retire early due to severe joint injuries. This is why taking a more proactive approach to training is so very important. Unfortunately, some joint injuries are considered to represent chronic and permanent conditions once they occur. So, training smart as opposed to hard is the best way for fighters to ensure that they will enjoy a long and fruitful career within the octagon.

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