Tyron Woodley not impressed with Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman

“I Wasn’t Impressed,” Says Tyron Woodley On the Kamaru Usman Vs. Colby Covington Fight

We all know that Tyron Woodley didn’t have a good 2019, as he lost important fights this year. At UFC 235, he lost against Kamaru Usman giving his worst performance which disappointed his fans a lot. Then he injured his hand during a fight with Robbie Lawler which made him at resting mode since then. However, he appeared on the media soon and last weekend he revealed his thoughts about the much-rated fight between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington. He said that although this fight was considered as one of the best fights of the year, it didn’t charm him much though. He said that he wasn’t impressed by the fight.

Tyron Woodley’s Opinion About the Fight

Tyron Woodley was of the opinion that if he had punched Colby, he might be fighting for his survival at the moment. He further added to his statement that he thought that the fight was won by a little margin and that made him feel disgusted and that is the reason he had to say that he wasn’t impressed by the fight between the two top fighters. He further added to his statement, “When I’m looking at how many punches those guys took, I was impressed by their durability, I was impressed by the fact that the kept doing it over and over again- it was kind of a teeter-tottering thing – but as far as I.Q., move your head maybe?” Clearly, Woodley thinks that fight is not just about wearing shorts and gloves and start hitting each other. He expects more than that from a fighter during a big and much-liked fight.

Why Tyron Woodley Is Unimpressed?

The major reason that Woodley was unimpressed by the fight was that he was expecting some more enthusiasm in the fight. “I didn’t see a lot of that, I was surprised that I didn’t see a lot of wrestling. I thought I was going to see a lot of wrestling,” he continued, “I didn’t see a lot of power. I guess you can’t make a power in somebody. You can’t inject power into somebody’s body.” Then he laughed and said sarcastically, “Well, you can inject power into somebody’s body, it’s called USADA failure.”

This statement has made this pretty clear what a former champion had expected from the fight and what he saw. Well, this is totally different from what fans want, as they enjoyed and liked the fight a lot. Fans love to wear shirts having pictures of their favorite fighters printed on them to show their love and passion for their favorite fighter. Mostly, they like wearing such shirts for their workout when they go to the gym or when they are out with friends for fun.

Jaw Breaking in the Middle of the Fight

The fight went great and both the fighters performed amazingly well during the fight. However, Kamaru Usman broke the jaw of Colby Covington in the middle of the fight which made a clear victory for him. Although Covington lost the fight but his determination during the fight won the hearts of the fans, even though his jaw was broken. He continued the fight until he was able to and that made his fans excited and therefore the fans didn’t care about the fact that he actually lost the fight. That is the true spirit of a fighter.

Fans’ Response

Fans are so excited and passionate about their favorite fighters and especially about the determinations he showed during a fight after an incident. Gaining respect even after losing a fight is not less than a divine blessing and clearly, Woodley is not that fighter who got that respect which Covington received even after losing the biggest fights of the year. Such an overwhelming performance of Covington has inspired his fans to focus on their physical strength as well and many people have started their fitness routine. Some fans have actually joined MMA and other forms of physical activities. People seem to be more interested in wearing workout clothes and heeding to fitness centers.

Woodley’s Opinion Over Fans’ Overwhelming Response Over Jaw Breaking

Woodley is clearly unhappy with the fans’ overwhelming response over the jaw-breaking of their favorite fighter Covington. He said, “I just don’t like it when people try to give unnecessary savage moments, ‘Oh he broke his jaw in the second round and kept fighting!’ Yeah, but you lost.” He said that he had been through all such injuries of the hand, foot, and shoulder but he never let that injury come in his way of winning and he won against the big fighters like Kelvin Gastelum, Demian Maia, and Darren Till even after having severe injuries. He further added, “That’s the difference. I never got the savage moments, ‘Oh, Tyron’s so tough because he continued, and won!’ I don’t want to give them no love, I don’t want to give them no clout.”


Well, Woodley is at liberty to reveal his own perception about the latest fight between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington. However, we cannot neglect the fact that Covington’s fans are still supporting him, even though he lost the fight. Fight is not always about winning and that is the reason fans are looking beyond the concept of winning and losing this time. Covington has actually won the hearts of his fans with his utmost efforts and determination to win the fight till the last moment and that has become the reason for satisfying the fans even after losing the fight. This way, Covington’s performance has made this evidently clear that fans still support their favorite sportsman even if he loses a match, but it is obligatory for a sportsman to fight till the last moment and keep the interest of the fans, which Covington has done in the fight.

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