Islam Mamedov says Brent Primus is "not on my level”

Photo courtesy Bellator MMA Public Relations

Islam Mamedov says Brent Primus is “not on my level”

In a bout that saw two grapplers test their skills against the other, Islam Mamedov proved he was the elite of the pair in his Bellator debut. With the bout seeing minimal striking, Mamedov utilized his Dagestan wrestling to smother Primus’ submission grappling.

In the opening round of their Bellator 263 matchup, Mamedov didn’t waste any time, getting the dominant position on the ground and not letting it up. Smothering Primus’ submission attempts, Mamedov easily controlled the opening stanza against the favorite, Primus.

In the second round, Primus started the round well and gets Mamedov against the fence, controlling him early. Mamedov scores a beautiful trip, landing on the side and gets to work. While Mamedov is scrambling for the optimal position, Primus is attempting submissions from the bottom with nothing finding it’s mark.

The third round saw a similar story to the rest of the bout. Mamedov got the bout to the floor early with ease. He secures a dominant position, smothering Primus for the entire round. A late omoplata attempt from Primus leads into an arm bar attempt in the final 30 seconds. Mamedov shrugs it off and peppers some punches to stay busy for the closing seconds of the closing round, as Mamedov easily pockets this bout.

“Well, now he has to sit and be unhappy that he’s not on my level”

Islam Mamedov responds to Primus’s claims that he isn’t on his level.

Official Result: Islam Mamedov defeats Brent Primus via split decision.
(29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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