James Vick

James Vick: “It’s kill or be killed” In Karate Combat debut

James Vick believes a mutual “kill or be killed” mentality between himself and his opponent will lead to a quick finish when he makes his Karate Combat debut later this month.

14-fight UFC veteran as he prepares to enter ‘The Pit’ on Saturday, October 29 to face Dominican knockout artist Jorge Perez at Karate Combat 36, which takes place at Universal Studios Orlando.

On signing with Karate Combat:

“When I first saw Karate Combat I was like ‘Man, this is amazing’. If you’re fighting in this thing it’s like you’re in a Van Damme movie, like Bloodsport or something. I loved all those movies when I was growing up!”

“I really love karate. I was always a huge [Stephen Thompson] ‘Wonderboy’ fan. Him and guys like Lyoto Machida seemed to fight with a style which had them taking the least amount of damage.

“That’s what first sparked my interest in training karate. I felt that style would be good for me because I’m kind of a natural counter-puncher, so I started training and really just fell in love with it.”

On opponent Jorge Perez:

“I think both of us come to kill or be killed and I want that bonus money as well. It’s gonna be exciting, we’re not going to sit back and play it safe.”

“I’ve watched his fights. He’s athletic, he’s tough. [In Karate Combat] he’s got two wins by KO and two losses by KO, so he’s someone who can finish the fight and he’s someone who can be finished. I don’t think this goes to decision.”

He’s a southpaw and I feel like I do well with southpaws. He’s obviously dangerous but I think my experience will show through. I’m the favorite and I think for sure I should be winning this fight, but I am not taking him lightly at all. I’ve never taken any opponent lightly.”

“He throws a lot of looping punches, he has some good power in his hands. He’s an athlete, he’s been training karate his whole life. I don’t think I’m gonna have to worry about his kicks as much, due to the height difference, but he’s gonna come hard with hands and I’ve just got to be ready for that.”

On fighting in The Pit:

“I’m excited for The Pit, honestly. When I came to the Karate Combat event in June I was blown away because it’s one of the most intense environments I’ve ever experienced.

“The energy was amazing because it’s a studio at Universal Studios, it’s a relatively small building but it’s packed with people and they are all close to the fight.

“It sounds crazy but it was almost like watching a street fight, because The Pit is just so open and you’re so close to it. It was very very cool to watch and I am excited to get in there now and fight.”

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