Jamie Abdallah

Jamie Abdallah – “I’m going to knock him out”

Reigning AFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jamie Abdallah will make his long await return to the AFC on October 28 when he battles #1 Contender Rameau Sokoudjou in the most anticipated Light Heavyweight Title Fight in Australian MMA history.

Jamie has been sidelined for what seems like an eternity as a result of a significant shoulder injury. His time on the sideline has been challenging, however the shoulder is now right to go, his batteries are recharged and he’s ready to make one hell of a statement:

“It’s been way to long, but in hindsight it was a much needed rest and I’m recharged now. Shoulder is doing great ready to show off that knockout power once again”

For any fighter, significant time away from the sport they cherish is difficult, but add to the fact that Jamie was as the very top of his game has made it even more difficult. Although at times frustrated, Jamie managed to maintain his composure and continued to focus on the penultimate goal of returning to the AFC cage:

“The first 6 months were tough but I just realized that things happen for a reason and for what ever reason it was meant to be”

As difficult as time is away physically, the emotional and mental strain it can put on a fighter can be as pressing. The longer the absence, the more questions one asks of themselves and the probable return date seems like a mountain that can not be overcome. In Jamie’s case the dream was never over and he always knew he’d be back defending the title he rightfully calls his own:

“It was never over, it was just going to be a longer journey.  After our middleweight attempt and then all the injuries we realized it was time to rehab, rebuild, rest and reinvent myself. Sometimes the hardest thing for a fighter is to listen to their bodies. After years of grinding and pushing through the body said enough was enough.  But I have learnt a lot from the middleweight loss. I have learnt even more with my time off through injury and I believe I’m a better fighter because of them” 

As Jamie’s preparation draws to a close, he has once again called XFC Australian Top Team his home. Head Coach Kelly Seif has been working closely with the Champ to develop a game plan that ensure his fighter leaves the Melbourne Pavilion with the Gold wrapped firmly around his waist:

“As always the head coach is Kelly Seif. Has always been and always will be. Training is training and we are ready for fight night”

When Jamie does triumphantly return the cage, opposing him will be the legendary KO machine Sokoudjou. Sokoudjou earned the right to battle Jamie after he dismantled Marcelo Tenorio in China earlier this year. Jamie was cage side during that fight and sums up Sokoudjou’s performance in relatively simple terms:

“Good fight from him”

From the external looking in, it would seem as though there is a bit of bad blood between champion and challenger. In China they shared some entertaining exchanges and Sokoudjou has been quite boisterous in his opinion that he will violently dethrone Jamie on October 28. If there is bad blood however, it’s not coming from Jamie’s end:

“If there is bad blood it’s on his end. I’m here to get a job done and defend my strap once again. I couldn’t care who is in front of me”

On paper both of these martial arts warriors match up pretty well. Their respective fight resumes will show they have genuine one punch KO power but can also dig into the trenches and embark in a genuine martial arts war. Jamie’s summation of his probable advantages is once again chillingly clear:

“I’m going to knock him out!”

As pretty much any martial arts fan would by now be aware, the AFC and Kunlun Fight have come together to form a genuine martial arts super power, and on October 28 that power will be unleashed during the first co-promoted MMA card. As one of the champions, Jamie is perfectly positioned to reap the rewards of this new partnership and cant wait to see what the future holds:

“It’s huge and I’m excited to be apart of it. Bring on whatever the future holds”

In a sport that can often be far more cruel than kind, Jamie’s absence have made some question his position as the premier Light Heavyweight in this Country. On October 28, Jamie not only returns to the cage, he not only fights one of the most recognised names in the world of martial arts, he not only makes history by main eventing the first AFC and Kunlun Fight co-promoted MMA card, but he also gets the opportunity to retake his spot upon the top of the Countries Light Heavyweight mountain… not that is really a concern to him however:

“I stopped caring what people have thought a long time ago. There is too much negative people in this world unfortunately. Myself, my team and my inner circle know I have never lost that mantle”

This blockbuster card will definitely sell out so get your tickets now: Tickets