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Jenny "Savage" Clausius

Jenny "Savage" Clausius - Photo by CYNister Photography

Jenny “Savage” Clausius “excited and honored” to make Summit FC history

Photo by CYNister Photography

At Summit FC 31 on March 9, 2019, the promotion will hold their first ever professional women’s fight. That fight will see Jennifer Clausius take on Hannah Guy and Clausius, better known as Jenny “Savage” spoke with MyMMANews ahead of her fight against Guy, talking about the honor of being the first pro women’s fight at Summit FC and getting great opportunities early in her career.

As her professional record sits at 1-1, Clausius says her career so far has been a roller coaster experience, but an experience she wouldn’t change for anything. While she had an opportunity to fight in front of Dana White during his Lookin’ For A Fight show, Clausius did not win the fight, but was given an incredible moment backstage.

“My career so far has been amazing, it’s been transforming. I can’t say I haven’t been humbled a time or two so far, and it’s just been an experience. I had a pleasure to fight in front of Dana White even though it didn’t go my way, they were impressed with how little I was and how I decided I was going to do my pro debut with two weeks without any warning. Other than that, my career so far has been a roller coaster ride of awesomeness and savagery.”

It was after her fight that Clausius got an opportunity backstage to speak with Matt Serra and for a fighter so young, making her pro debut on short notice, learning from a veteran like Serra meant everything to her.

“It was such a honor and he [Matt Serra] is amazing. He knows what it’s like to be the smaller fighter and be in those tough situations, so for him to seek me out like that and take his time to help me, it’s actually changed my grappling and mentally it’s helped me, just that little interaction.”

As for her opponent Hannah Guy, Clausius shows nothing but respect towards her, praising the trajectory of her career at a young age, and what she will bring to their fight.

“I am very impressed with Hannah Guy, even though she came up before me and she’s only 23, she’s a really well put-together woman. I love how she represents the women’s side of MMA, she’s someone everyone should be watching. I’m very impressed with Hannah Guy and I know this is going to be a very good fight.”

Clausius knows who her opponent is, what she represents, and what she will bring into their fight, and all of those reasons are exactly why she feels honored to make history at Summit FC 31.

“It means a lot to me, I know Matt has put a lot into SFC and my teammates have fought for the promotion. For me to be one of the first females to say I fought professionally for them, it’s a huge honor for me and I’m glad to put on for Mississippi. Win, lose, or draw, I’m going to hold my head high, hopefully my hand will be raised, but my head will always be held high.”

Best known as Jenny Savage, Clausius is bringing all respect into this fight against Hannah Guy not only because she’s ready to make a statement, but because she respects the woman standing across from her. While the respect is high for the fight and the opponent, Jennifer Clausius is prepared to etch her name in history. As she showers her opponent in respect, Clausius says everyone should be prepared for a war.

“Let the best woman win. I’m ready to go to war and I hope that she’s been training and I’ve been training, I say that all respectfully. I wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors and I’m excited to see where our future careers go after this historic fight for Mississippi.”

No matter when the fight ends, Clausius promises a war in the historic matchup between her and Hannah Guy. Honored to be a part of Summit FC and Mississippi history, Jennifer Clausius is using the incredible opportunities she’s gotten early on in her career as fuel to make her the best version of herself at Summit FC 31 on March 9.

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