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Joe Rogan Conor McGregor is the Only Star in UFC after Rousey Loss

Joe Rogan gives his thoughts on greatest heavyweight of all-time

The common debate among MMA fans is who is the greatest MMA fighter of all-time. Another debate is who is the greatest heavyweight of all-time. Many people say Fedor Emelianenko is while others say Cain Velasquez or Stipe Miocic, or even Fabricio Werdum.

This debate could go on forever as there have been so many great heavyweights in MMA. Ultimately, UFC commentator Joe Rogan gave his take on who the greatest heavyweight of all-time is.

“Skill for skill, ability for ability, I think if [Cain Velasquez] is not the best of all time it’s him and Fedor [Emelianenko],” Rogan said on his podcast. “Then you always have to mention [Fabricio] Werdum because even though Stipe [Miocic] knocked Werdum out in the first round, Werdum has submitted the best of the best. He submitted [Antonio ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira], he submitted Fedor, he submitted Cain. I mean what the f—k.

“Werdum’s record, if you just look at who he’s fought, he’s the best in my opinion. But when did he beat those guys? Like when he beat Fedor, Fedor was as close to his prime as you can get.”

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For many, they believe Emelianenko was the greatest and then came along Velasquez and then finally Stipe took over. However, Werdum should be in that conversation as Joe Rogan says. Although there is a case for all, if you are just talking about accomplishments, well Rogan has a different answer.

“In terms of accomplishments as far as a UFC fighter, well it’s Stipe,” Rogan said. “Cause Stipe is the only guy to defend the title [three] times and it really kind of bums me out that he’s out of the conversation right now. You don’t hear about a Stipe fight.”

“I mean he beat Francis [Ngannou], that was a big fight,” Rogan explained. “Cause Francis came into that fight with a lot of hype and Stipe fought like a f—king champion. Really fought like a champion. Francis fought after that, he was not the same thing.”

Ultimately, no one truly knows this answer and it can be debated forever. In the end, Rogan gave his thoughts on it, whether you agree with it or not.

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