KASAI Super Series

KASAI Super Series Live Results From Dallas, Texas

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Kasai Super Series is heading to The Bomb Factory in Dallas, Texas tonight with an all star show. Big names like Gordon Ryan, “Tex” Johnson, Tom DeBlass, and Renato Canuto will be showcasing their talents on the Kasai stage. You don’t want to miss this!

Doors open at 5pm.

Undercard starts at 5:45.

Main Card starts at 8pm.

Kasai Super Series Results below:

No-Gi Heavyweight (10 min sub only + 5 min OT, KASAI rules):

Gordon Ryan vs Joao Gabriel Rocha. Gordon Ryan winner by points.

No-Gi 170lbs (10 min + 5 min OT, KASAI rules):

Renato Canuto vs Marcio Andre. Canuto Canuto winner by Heel Hook.

No-Gi 170lbs:

Matheus Lutes vs Dante Leon. Dante Leon winner by Rear Naked Choke.

150 lbs Gi (10 min Jiu-Jitsu unified rules):

Andressa Cintra vs Jessica Swanson. Andressa Cintra winner by points.

No-Gi 220lbs (10 min sub only + 5 min OT, KASAI rules):

Tom DeBlass vs Bruno Bastos. Bruno Bastos winner by points in OT.

No-Gi 220lbs  (10 min KASAI rules):

Tex Johnson vs Ricardo “Demente” Abreu. Tex Johnson winner by points.

No-Gi 145lbs (10 min KASAI rules):

Raquel Canuto vs Chelsah Lyons. Raquel Canuto winner by points.

10 min KASAI rules:

Mike Medrano vs Alex Martins. Alex Martins winner by points.

Black Belt Gi 175lbs (10 min Jiu-Jitsu unified rules):

Lucas Valente vs Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa. Lucas Valente winner by decision.

Brown Belt No-Gi 140 lbs (10 min KASAI rules):

Edwin Junny Ocasio vs Vinny Saenz. Edwin Junny Ocasio winner by Heel Hook.


All matches 6 mins (Gi matches follow jiu-jitsu unified rules, No-Gi KASAI rules)

Black Belt No-Gi 190 lbs:

Camron Couch vs Marcus Antelante. Camron Couch winner by points.

Black Belt Gi 230 lbs:

Alan Shebaro vs Sebastian Black Cobra. Alan Shebaro winner by Toe Hold.

Brown Belt 165 No-Gi:

Benjamin Annunziato vs David Hulsey. David Hulsey winner by Heel Hook.

Brown Belt 180 lbs:

Bobby Alexander vs Dulces Flores Jr. Dulces Flores Jr. winner by points.

Brown Belt 170 lbs:

Diego Santana vs Jairo Bautista. Diego Santana winner by Toe Hold.

Brown Belt Heavyweight:

Javier Zapata vs Thomas Gentile. Thomas Gentile winner by decision.

Brown Belt 145lbs :

Cameron Adair vs Franklin Carballo. Cameron Adair winner by Armbar.

Natalia Santoro vs Kecia Makenzie. Kecia Makenzie winner by Armbar.

Purple Belt Nogi 170 lbs:

Abdul-Kareem Al-Sewady vs Dylan Kastelic. Abdul-Kareem Al-Sewady winner by points.

Purple Belt 185 lbs Gi:

Jeff Horn vs Leigh Macneil. Jeff Horn winner by points .

Purple Belt 155 lbs No-Gi:

Dillon Hinojosa vs Conrad Duran. Conrad Duran winner by points.

Meghan Williams vs Jessica Crane. Jessica Crane winner by Rear Naked Choke.

Blue Belt 155 lbs No-Gi:

Ryan Benoit vs Jorge Vasquez. Jorge Vasquez winner by points.

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