Gordon Ryan

The King & I – One-on-one with Jiu-Jitsu ace Gordon Ryan

First name: Gordon. Last name: Ryan.

Gordon Ryan is the current king of Jiu- Jitsu.

King Gordon held a phenomenal seminar at Driven Gym in Woodbridge, New Jersey this past weekend at Driven Gym. After two plus hours of training with the king, I sat down with him to talk about how he got started in Jiu- Jitsu, his MMA aspirations, what is next, and much more.

Gordon is the first black belt to achieve the rank under Garry Tonon. He began training at the age of 15 under Miguel Benitez before switching to train under Tom DeBlass and Tonon.

Sorry for the weird angle of the video. Thank you to owner of Driven Gym, James Meals for hosting the seminar!.

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Brian Jensen
I am a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in New Jersey. I have been a martial arts practitioner and fan for along as I can remember. I have a background in Jiu-Jitsu Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Do. I have a passion and love for sharing my knowledge on Jiu-Jitsu and MMA.