Johnny Walker finishes Ryan Spann in round one

Johnny Walker says light heavyweight division ‘is my division now’ ahead of first UFC main event

Johnny Walker is preparing for his first UFC main event and he says the light heavyweight division is his.

Walker has been hyped as a future title contender since his debut and he scored flashy highlight-reel KO wins. He will now face Thiago Santos in the main event of UFC Vegas 38 in an intriguing matchup and for Walker, he says he has learned from all his mistakes and is confident he will get his win.

“It was difficult, but it was really good for my personal life because I realized so much stuff that I have to do to become what I want to be,” Walker said at media day. “I think I’m more mature now, right? I’ve got more experience, and I’ve learned how my body works, what I have to do to become a champion, and I’ve learned from all of the mistakes, right? Now I’m committed to myself. I’m responsible for my life, for my family.

“I have so much to fight for, and I just realized, like what I’m doing with my life, and then I committed to myself, like I’m going to commit 100 percent of my time, so I spend all of my time – I just train, eat, sleep, repeat every day,” Walker continued. “Focus on my diet. Injury prevention. Improve all of my skills, technique, and you’re going to see Saturday night the big results of 100 percent focus. You know, I’m living like a champion now.”

Not only does he believe he has gotten better since the time off, but Johnny Walker plans to make a statement on Saturday and prove the light heavyweight division is his.

“I’m here to take over. I’m going to smash this division. I’m going to own this. This is my division now. I’m hungry, I’m ready,” Walker said. “If before, like the young guy with no experience, I did so much messing up, imagine now, focused the way that I am now with more experience. I’m a man now. I am not a boy, and I’m going to take over.”

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