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Jon Jones says he’s ‘one of the most heavily tested athletes in sports’, Jeff Novitzky backs him up

Jon Jones has been tested by USADA a ton and believes he is one of the most heavily tested athletes in all of sports.

“Bones” has a history of drug failures and picograms being in his system. Yet, he says being so tested his reputation will change over time as he continues to prove he is a clean fighter.

“At one point in 2019, I did almost 30 drug tests with USADA alone,” Jones said on the UFC 247 media call (via MMA Junkie). “I also had two other drug testing agencies that were drug testing me. With USADA alone, I was one of the most heavily drug-tested athletes in all of sports. Include in the other agencies, the Nevada Athletic Commission and the California State Athletic Commission, I know for a fact no one has been drug-tested more than me. What that shows is that I’m willing to prove this whole situation I was in was never intentional. I think it’s proof I had nothing to hide. It also proves my willingness to try to make things easier for fighters in the future.

“At the end of the day, fighters know there’s an allowance of how much you have in your body,” Jones continued. “That’s something I was able to help fight for through all of my hours in the courtroom. Because of me, USADA doesn’t go out and disclose people’s test unless they go out and know exactly what’s going on, which (can) stain people’s reputation. This whole situation damaged my situation tremendously. I feel like the only way I can make it right is being totally transparent with the fans (and) with the drug testers. I’ll tell you what. People with things to hide, they don’t submit themselves to that level of drug testing. I think that’ll help with my reputation over time.”

Although Jon Jones said he is the most tested, Jeff Novitzky took to Twitter to back the light heavyweight champion and says that is true.

“In 2019, @JonnyBones was subject to 42 no-notice drug test by 3 separate entities (USADA, CSAC and NSAC). In my 20 years experience in the anti-doping world, this is the highest volume of yearly tests that I have ever seen on one athlete, in any sport,” he tweeted.

Jon Jones is set to return to the Octagon on Saturday against Dominick Reyes where he looks to defend his belt once again.

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