Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal issued stay-away order stemming from Colby Covington attack

New details have come to light on Jorge Masvidal’s court case stemming from his Miami attack on former opponnet Colby Covington.

About a month ago Masvidal and Covington were involved in a brawl outside of a Miami restaurant. The police were called and a report was filed against Masvidal. At the time he was taken into custody and later released after making the reported $15,000 bond bail. He was charged with two felony charges, aggravated battery, and criminal mischief. On Thursday, Masvidal appeared in court and plead not guilty to these two charges.

According to the court documents acquired by ESPN, “Masvidal struck Covington with a deadly weapon — his hands or fists — and caused great bodily harm (a brain injury). The criminal mischief charge stipulates that Masvidal caused more than $1,000 damage to Covington’s property, in this case a watch.”

Masvidal was issued a stay-away order which prevents him from going within 25 feet of Covington. Masvidal will next appear in court for this matter on May 12.

The animosity between Masvidal and Covington began to grow during the leadup to their UFC 272 main event fight that took place on March 5. The two men were former training partners and roommates before a falling out. When they agreed to fight one another they upped their trash talk and it got out of hand. Harsh words were coming from both sides but Masvidal claimed that Covington talking about his family and children led him to attack Covington in Florida.

The addition of the potential brain injury suffered by Covington in the attack is new information. The original police report mentioned the damage to the watch and a chipped tooth on the victim (not specified as Covington at the time). Now the court may ask to see the watch damage and medical records from Covington at the next court hearing.


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