Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo says he has seven years left of fighting

Jose Aldo’s historic MMA career is far from finished.

The Brazilian is the former WEC and UFC featherweight champion and says he still has seven years left of fighting, as Aldo said in a recent interview with AG Fight about his future in fighting and still wanting to box.

“I will fight until I am 40 years old. I’m 33, so seven more years fighting. Boxing I still have a dream, it will happen soon. You can be sure. But I will fight for even longer. This is the first at bantamweight to be champion,” Aldo said (via It can be even more (than 40 years). Because out of my career, I never went out at night, going out, drinking, I have a healthy body and that’s the first point.”

Jose Aldo says the reason he is going down to bantamweight is because of his coach. It also is a clearer path to a title shot as with a win over Marlon Moraes, he could very well earn the next shot at Henry Cejudo.

“What makes me struggle is that over the years I didn’t want to, but I talked to Dede, he asked me to fight the bantamweight. I had an idea that it would be hard to beat weight, diet, but it was the other way around,” the former champ explained. “I’m feeling strong, training well. Even at WEC I didn’t have that potential. It makes me believe that I have a lot to give and you can be sure that I will fight for many years. If I’m feeling good, fast, fast like I’ve never been, there’s no point in stopping now. I want to win the weight, make history and then think about what to do.”

So, Jose Aldo plans on being at bantamweight for the foreseeable future before transitioning to boxing, which is a dream of his.

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