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Joseph Benavidez ‘surprised it took that long’ for T.J. Dillashaw to get caught

All the headlines over the last little while have been on T.J. Dillashaw and his two-year suspension for EPO use. Some fighters have come out saying they are surprised, while others frankly aren’t.

Cody Garbrandt, Dillashaw’s rival accused T.J. of taking EPO ahead of their fight, but tests showed up negative. Ultimately, Dillashaw got caught, and former UFC flyweight title challenger, Joseph Benavidez is surprised it took this long for him to get caught.

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“I wasn’t surprised at all that he finally got caught,” Benavidez said to MMAJunkie. “Wasn’t surprising at all. There’s nothing I can really say as far as, like, that hasn’t already been said. I’m not gonna sit here and say the guy is this and that because if you look at the internet and everyone, it’s already been said. So there’s nothing worse you can say than what everyone already thinks, which I think is warranted. Everything that people are out there giving him, it’s 100 percent warranted for what he did.”

Benavidez was apart of Team Alpha Male with Dillashaw and Garbrandt early on, where fighters have stated Dillashaw was trying to show fighters how to get away with drug use. Ultimately, Benavidez is not happy with Dillashaw after they were once friends and believes he got off easy from USADA.

“It just goes to show, there’s consequences for what you do and you can’t hide who you are forever,” Benavidez said. “I’m surprised it took that long for him to get caught, and hid what he’s about this long. But you can’t hide that stuff forever. It’s great that it came out. There are consequences and if anything, I don’t think the consequences are that much. It’s not that bad. Get some surgeries. You got paid the day after the fight anyway. So it’s not like you’re getting suspended for the year. But like I said, it’s all the other things. All the disgrace and everything that is warranted, and maybe hurts more.

“Like I said, the truth will come out at some point and you can’t hide that stuff forever.”

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