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Julius Anglickas: “Winning this puts me on a different type of radar”

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Lithuanian born, Missouri trained, Julius Anglickas faces Clayton York for the vacant LFA Light Heavyweight title in the main event of LFA 60. Anglickas knows this is a big opportunity and plans to make the most of it.

With a undefeated record, Anglickas has converted his family from thinking this was a hobby to seeing his potential in the sport.

“My parents thought I was going through some kind of phase, when I had my first few fights. Like alright Julius is going to have a fight or two then he’s going to be done if it. Nope, it was fight after fight. Bigger fight after bigger fight. Now they support me and hope I do really well.”

As for Anglickas’s thoughts on how big of an opportunity this is.

“It’s a big step just to be in the main event and fighting for a title on a televised card. I’ve only fought on AXS TV once for LFA. And like now main event and title fight, like wow, that’s a big deal. To be in this spot is somewhat of a win. Winning the fight would open a lot of door. Winning is a must. I really feel much more focused then in some of my other fights. I really feel like I need to win. It’s like right now this must happen. Because if I don’t, who knows when I’m going to get a big call like this. So, I’m going a hundred percent. Winning this put me on a different type of radar. Right now, I’m on the radar. Fighting for the LFA title that’s great, but by winning the LFA title it’s going expand that radar even more. Doors that where closed to me could possibly open. I have to make sure it my fight this weekend.”

Anglickas believes some keys to the fight are: 

“Getting up really quickly if I get taken down. Not allow him to take me down. But at the same time, I believe he the strongest opponent I’ve ever faced. Right now, I’m giving him a lot of credit, maybe even more then I should. Maybe when we get in there it will feel easier then what I thought it was going to be. The game plan is to keep it standing, don’t let him take me down, and if he does pop right back up.”

LFA 60

Main Card:

Vacant 205 Title: Julius Anglickas (5-1) vs. Clayton York (5-0)
155: Anthony Baccam (12-6) vs. Trey Ogden (11-3)
155: Jordin Hinman (7-4) vs. Dakota Bush (5-1)
170: Jonathon Thomson (9-4) vs. Darris Flowers (6-3-1)
145: Luis Saldana (12-6) vs. Carl Wittstock (10-4)
265: Patrick Martin (6-4) vs. Byron Stevens (2-0)


145: Ali Omar (0-0) vs. Cain Lugar (2-1)

Amateur Card

145: Spencer Wray vs. Colton Hamm
155: Zach Oviatt vs. Christian Jones
135: Liz Goodman vs. Jordan Mott

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