Cain Velasquez, Jon Jones

Cain Velasquez ‘definitely’ up for fight with Jon Jones, believes he can beat him

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Cain Velasquez, who is widely-regarded as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time, has a huge fight coming up this weekend versus the very dangerous Francis Ngannou. However, Cain was recently asked about another potential opponent who he could very well cross paths with down the road – current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Velasquez was recently asked by TMZSports if he would be up for a potential fight with Jones, should he ever move up to heavyweight, and Velasquez didn’t hesitate in his response.

“Definitely,” he said. “You know, (I’ll fight) anyone. That’s why I’m in this sport – to fight the best guys, to be the best out there. So to me, it’s just, go out there, perform, and win and just take on the best guys.”

But there may be a little extra motivation for fighting Jon Jones for Cain. Don’t forget, Cain is close friends and longtime training partners with Daniel Cormier, with whom Jones has had a very bitter rivalry with over the years. Cain would most likely love a chance to get even with Jones, who beat his buddy Cormier twice.

Widely considered one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, Jon Jones would most certainly be a tough fight for Velasquez, despite normally competing in a wide class below. But nevertheless, Velasquez believes he can still win.

“I think I could,” Velasquez said when asked if he could beat Jones and avenge his pal Cormier’s defeat. “I think I’m good enough. Jon Jones is an amazing athlete. I’ve watched him in all his fights. I know what he’s capable of. Again, every guy poses a great challenge, I think he does as well.”

Speaking of great challenges, Cain has a rather large one coming up this weekend in the form of heavyweight knockout artist Francis Ngannou on UFC on ESPN: Ngannou vs. Velasquez this Sunday, February 17, 2019.

With a win, we could see a superfight against Jones sooner rather than later.

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