Kell Brook

Kell Brook takes part in a workout at 12x3 Gym, London ahead of his upcoming fight against Mark DeLuca in Sheffield on February 8th 2020. 8th January 2020 Picture By Mark Robinson.

Kell Brook: “I want to be two time World Champion.”

Kell Brook is returning to action on the 8th and is looking to world titles once more. After losing titles to Gennady Golovkin and Errol Spence, Brook has been working hard on his return to World title status. He fights Marc DeLuca live on DAZN.

Kell Brook has big plans for the 2020 year. He wants to become a world champion, a two time world champion at that.

“2020 I want to be two-time champion,” said Brook. “I’ve never been as driven, I’ve never been as focused in my whole career as I am now, because I want to mix it with the best. If I don’t have an unbelievable performance, it doesn’t count on February 8, I’m not happy.”

Brook knows he needs to make a statement Saturday. He knows that anything less than spectacular is not acceptable.

“It’s got to be spectacular. You’ve got to go away and think ‘he’s back better than ever.’ That’s what I want people to say. I want to be on everybody’s lips, ‘I can’t believe what this guy’s done. I can’t believe it. What’s happened? He’s the main man again’. That’s what I’m aiming for.”

Kell Brook looking forward

Kell Brook doesn’t have his eyes on anyone specific. As mentioned before, he just wants a world title.

“I want whoever holds a belt, I want to be a two-time World Champion this year. I could do Welterweight. For the right fight, I’ll do Welterweight. It would have to be a meaningful fight. A World Title fight, or a big meaningful fight.”

While Brook is looking forward, he knows DeLuca is not a pushover. His trainer, Dominic Ingle, has seen him fight and is training his fighter accordingly.

“Dominic has seen the guy fight live a few times, it is a hard fight,” Brook added. “He’s tough, he’s an ex-Marine, he’s obviously into his fitness. He’s very determined. He knows this is a chance to make a name for himself. He’s going to give it his all.”

Brook knows his adversary is hungry. He knows he must be ready and win on DAZN.

“He’s learnt on the road. He’s got one defeat and the next fight he avenged the loss, so he’s obviously learning. Really he’s never lost, he’s a winner. He believes this is his chance. I need to listen to the game plan from Dominic and then it’s just about getting in there and executing it.”

Watch Kell Brook’s return on DAZN on February 8th. Stay posted to My MMA News for results for Brook-DeLuca.

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