Ken Shamrock launches 'World's Most Dangerous Podcast'

Ken Shamrock launches ‘World’s Most Dangerous Podcast’

UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock is officially a podcaster.

Ken’s co-host is also his business partner, Des W Woodruff, who is a serial entrepreneur. Ken and Des will be speaking about business, startups, MMA, WWE, investing, and mind-blowing personal stories from Ken.

Sex, politics, religion, and taboo topics. It will all be discussed.

One of the most unique segments of this new, exciting podcast is called the “LION’S CAGE.” It’s like the hit show ‘Shark Tank’ where business startups and new product ideas are pitched to sharks.

Listeners of the World’s Most Dangerous Podcast will have the chance to pitch to Ken and Des. In The Lion’s Cage, pitches will either get slaughtered or accepted. Regardless, the submissions that get aired will get publicity. It might not be the kind of publicity they had hoped for, but nonetheless, they will get exposure. The lucky ones might even get a deal with Ken and Des where the two will join their venture as strategic partners. In such a case, Ken will offer his brand and celebrity status to help that new brand/idea; Des will help bring strategy and leadership.

The World’s Most Dangerous Podcast will speak on dangerous topics and disclose dangerous information. This podcast will also enrich listeners lives in the area of finance and business development.

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