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Kevin Lee discusses UFC Brasilia, reveals he may have suffered a torn ACL

UFC lightweight Kevin Lee was one of the last fighters to compete before the UFC went on hiatus and while he came up short against Charles Oliveira, Lee is now dealing with more serious issues after the event. Lee fought Oliveira in an empty crowd arena in Brasilia, Brazil and recently spoke on how he dealt with the change of events leading up to the fight and revealed he may have a potential serious injury.

Making an appearance on The Luke Thomas Show on Sirius XM, Lee detailed how COVID-19 affected his fight, saying he didn’t really suffer from the lockdowns that were being put in place as the pandemic was starting to grow.

“It honestly didn’t affect me too much, I was just kind of going about normal status quo, the good thing is I was the last person to fight throughout this quarantine so it didn’t really affect me I feel like the way it affected other people, they didn’t get to fight. Even though the fight didn’t really go my way, when I really sat back, I had to be grateful for it. I got to compete, I got to make some money, I got to do what I love to do.”

Lee would continue on to tell Thomas that even after his fight he continued on with his daily life as normal, but then the universe sat him down with a potential injury.

“Once the fight was over and this quarantine stuff really started and I came back home, it kind of felt a little normal and I kind went about status quo, even though that probably wasn’t the best idea to be honest with you. I still went about my day not necessarily the same, but I still kind of was doing stuff and going a little overboard, I wasn’t taking it as serious as I should. Now I feel like I busted my knee up really bad, the universe sat my ass down so now I’m laid up and starting up another relationship with Call Of Duty.”

When asked about his knee injury, Kevin Lee revealed that there has been no diagnosis on it yet because hospitals are backed up due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but he believes it’s a serious injury.

“I’ve been through enough injuries to where I’m pretty sure it’s my ACL. It’s just a matter of how torn it is and what the severity is. All the hospitals are super backed up so I didn’t even bother going to the hospital, they’re just sending me straight to the imaging center, get an MRI done on it, I haven’t been able to do much PT, it’s been about five days since it’s happened but it’s f***ed.”

Lee wouldn’t comment on what exactly happened to cause the injury but said he has felt his body may have been affected by the COVID-19 virus because of certain body ailments he has felt recently. If Lee has indeed suffered a torn ACL, the severity of the injury will likely determine just how long he will be away from action, following his fight against Oliveira, Lee said he may take some time away from the sport to figure things out..

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