Korey Kuppe ready to highlight his “spectacular” style on DWCS

Photo from Kuppe's Facebook page

Korey Kuppe ready to highlight his “spectacular” style on DWCS

Dana White’s Contender Series is a great path for MMA fighters to get into the UFC. It allows regional fighters to showcase their skills in front of White and gives them a huge opportunity to get the UFC contract they are after. For Korey Kuppe, the call to get on DWCS was a relief. Kuppe spoke to MyMMANews.com and said, “It was relief. I always knew I would get a shot here, but it was just relief. I was like, finally, let’s go, and I was just like thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The relief of getting on the show is usually met with some nerves and anxiety for the fighters, as they have to try and impress White and earn the UFC contract. However, for Kuppe, he is just going to go into the cage and be himself. “All my wins are by finish,” said Kuppe. “My style is kind of spectacular. I talk a lot of sh*t and I am flamboyant. So, I was thinking about that, but I kind of did the opposite. I am like, you know what, just fight and be yourself and he is going to like me. My style is built for him to like me. So I am going to try and tune that out and just do me, you know?”

For those unfamiliar with Kuppe, he has an 8-3 professional record. As he said, all 8 of his wins have been finishes, with 7 of those 8 coming by way of submission. Kuppe said, “I am 6’5” welterweight. My background is in sport karate. I am a 3x world champion in that.” Kuppe is a former college baseball player, but joked, saying, “I figured it would be a lot cooler to smash my shin into people’s heads than smash a bat into balls.”

Kuppe has the personality to become a big name in the UFC, especially with his trash talking. He explained more about getting into the head of his opponents and how it may sound while on DWCS. “I call people b*tches and talk some sh*t in there,” Kuppe explained. “So, we will see how that is with no crowd. Before I finished my last fight, I told the guy, ‘you’re tired b*tch.’ He was like, ‘no, I’m not.’ And I was like, ‘f*ck you,’ and hit him with an elbow. And he postured up and started to go to work and that is when I caught him. So, I like to do that little stuff, but that was different with crowd and commentary going on, you couldn’t hear it. So, it will be funny to see if any of that stuff comes out on tape.”

The Michigan fighter will go to war on Tuesday, September 15 against Michael Lombardo, who has a 10-2 professional record. Kuppe talked about fighting Lombardo, “My opponent is a real good athlete,” said Kuppe. “He is from ATT in Florida. He is going to be well coached, have a good strategy, and he is really strong. I think I have advantage on the feet and on the ground as a grappler. I am going to be looking to try and finish him in all areas, at all times. He has never been finished; he is durable, so that will be a good challenge.  But, yeah, I think I have the advantage everywhere. I have a lot more experience than him as well. I have 30 amateur fights and I have been fighting top caliber competition. I am a lot more battle tested and ready for the deep-water wars.”

Time will tell who walks away with the win on September 15th, but Kuppe is confident. He said, “I am going to drop him and choke him,” and added, “Round 2, at the 8-minute mark. I am going to drop him and choke him.”

Dominant finishes on DWCS will certainty earn you a contract to the UFC. If Kuppe is able to put Lombardo away impressively, he will finally get to be in the big show. However, for Kuppe, it isn’t just about making it to the UFC. “For me, that is my goal; to be in the UFC and to go through everybody, to fight the best fighters in the world,” explained Kuppe. “But at the same time, it is not my goal to get into the UFC and then get beat up a few times and then call myself a UFC fighter. I plan on being in amazing fights.”

After defeating Lombardo, Kuppe is ready to get on the microphone and showcase his personality. Kuppe said, “I am not telling my sob stories or any of that stuff. That is not why I am here. I am here to go through all the welterweights and make my way to the throne. I am probably going to call out somebody for my next fight and let all the other welterweights know I am here and I am coming.”

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