Kyoji Horiguchi wants Bellator belt along with RIZIN FF belt

Kyoji Horiguchi wants Bellator belt along with RIZIN FF belt

Kyoji Horiguchi has had nothing but success in his career, with only two losses and one to Demetrious Johnson.

However, since leaving the UFC, Horiguchi went to RIZIN FF and became the inaugural bantamweight champion when he beat Bellator bantamweight champion, Darrion Caldwell. Now, Horiguchi is eyeing the rematch in the Bellator cage and is looking to become a two-promotional bantamweight champion.

“I’m very comfortable and maybe June, July we’ll have a rematch,” Horiguchi told MMA Junkie. “I think I need one more win.”

Although Caldwell had success in the fight, many say the ropes had an impact on his game. And, if the two are going to fight again, it would be in a cage. A cage is also where Horiguchi’s last loss happened. However, he doesn’t think the cage will make much of a difference in the fight. Rather, he is more than confident he has what it takes to beat Caldwell again and become the two-promotional champ he so desires.

“It’s not different,” Horiguchi said. “Training the same, everything is the same. … I think (it will be a) different fight because I use the choke and he remembers.”

For now, Kyoji Horiguchi has a fight against UFC veteran Ben Nguyen lined up. Following that, he fully expects to rematch Caldwell in the summer and win his second belt. If he does indeed do that, Horiguchi hopes RIZIN FF and Bellator will allow him to defend both belts. But, if it came down to it, he is more than happy in RIZIN FF and is excited to fight again at RIZIN 15 when he takes on another top opponent in Ben Nguyen.

“I very enjoy (being with Rizin FF) because more good marketing and everybody excited,” Kyoji Horiguchi said. “My family (sees me), I like to fight for Rizin.”

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