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Photo: Ed Carbajal

Artem Lobov Not Looking Past Jason Knight

It will take more than a scuffle in New York City to take Artem Lobov’s focus off Jason Knight this weekend at BKFC 5. After the news of Lobov and Paulie Malignaggi getting into it after Malignaggi spoke to media this past Tuesday, folks might think the two are fighting sooner than later but they would be mistaken. However, after the scuffle, Lobov did address the media and said: “There could be a hurricane outside right now, I don’t give a f*ck.”

Lobov says he is a true fighter and that not all the drama between him and Malignaggi will bother him in the least. “I’m here to fight, I’m a true fighter and I always have been,” Lobov said about his focus. “Find me one man on this planet that can say he made me tap, even when somebody had a choke around my neck and my choice is to either die or tap out, I chose death every single f*cking time.”

Lobov said Malignaggi is on his radar and knows he is the plan for a future event. “Of course, it was always going to happen. It’s ‘night-night’ Jason [Knight] April sixth, then it’s on to Paulie.”

Jason Knight saw the buzz between the two of them earlier this week and plans on shutting down those plans. Given the attention the scuffle got, Lobov does need to worry about Knight at BKFC 5 but rest assured; Malignaggi will also be in attendance as part of the broadcast team this weekend. So, all parties will be present in Mississippi to continue any buzz for all potential matches.

As far as Knight goes for Lobov, “when it comes to boxing, he hasn’t got a chance.”

Along with Lobov and Knight, the co-main event features former UFC middleweight Chris Leben against former Bellator fighter, Justin Baesman. Check out the BKFC website for more information and for Lobov’s full expletive-filled interview, you can see that here.

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