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LFA 72’s Jacob McClintock: “I had to jump on this while I could”

The feeling that he was on the cusp of signing with a major promotion came crashing down for Jacob McClintock.

“I went to a tournament in Vegas and I ended up blowing out my knee. I tore my ACL and my MCL. I had a bad few months. I was pretty much giving up on my career and I ended up moving to Alaska: and working with my uncle doing land surveying.”

While in Alaska a call would come that would put McClintock on a path back to martial arts.

“I was like, ‘you know what if I’m not gonna be able to fight anymore for myself’, because at that time they (doctors) told me my knee was pretty messed up, ‘I’m gonna look into coaching.’ I’ve always enjoyed seeing people progress and get better: and change their lifestyle and mindsets through Jiu Jitsu and martial arts. So, I was like I’m going to do that.”

The decision would see McClintock go from the heat of Arizona, to the frozen north of Alaska, to the humidity of South Carolina. The Arizona heat is daunting to many people. Jacob McClintock says, “I enjoy it. It’s kind of one of those things that helps build those calluses on the mind”.

Moving from Arizona to South Carolina, five years ago, the change in climate played havoc on McClintock’s sinuses.

“I got a lot of ear infections, moisture and stuff built up in my sinuses, like the first two-three years when I moved to Charleston (South Carolina).”
Now with his knee fully healed, “Tick Tock” is back to competing in MMA, but he’s only been able to get three fights over the last three years.

“This is something that I’ve been wanting to do, is come back and fight back home in Arizona. I had to jump on this while I could,” said McClintock.

McClintock is back in the valley of the rising sun for LFA 72, where he’ll face Raymond Pena.

“I have a couple training partners that have fought him, got a little information from them. I looked up his record. I know he’s kind of a wrestler, ground and pound type stuff. I don’t know man. My whole philosophy on MMA is, ‘doesn’t really matter who’s stepping in front of me as long as I’m prepared.’ I’m in the right mindset. You put whoever in front of me I’m going to fight him. Win or lose I’m going to give it hundred percent. I try not to focus on my opponent too much. I mean obviously I’d like to have a game plan and have an idea of what they’re going to do, but like I said if I prepare myself properly, and I’m in the right mindset, I don’t really feel there’s anybody out there that can beat me.”

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