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Lion Fight 54’s Whitney Tobin: “This is kind of the post-doctoral thesis of my career”

One of the three title fights on the Lion Fight 54 card will see Whitney Tobin dual Candice Michelle for the Lion Fight Women’s North American Super Bantamweight title.

Whitney Tobin’s Muay Thai journey has led her from Minnesota to New Zealand, back home then to Australia, with a few trips to Thailand mixed in, and now to New Mexico.

All the time you’re putting in the gyms, all the past fights have led to this opportunity at Lion Fight 54.

“I’ve met so many great people and so many amazing trainers along the way,” Tobin said. “For this camp I’ve really had to put it all together. This is kind of like the final test. I’ve had so many quizzes, different teachers along the way, that this is kind of my post-doctoral thesis of my career.”

During the journey Whitney has also found a partner her husband, Andrew McGrath. The two were apart for eight months, after Andrew took a job here in New Mexico. Whitney stayed behind in Australia to finish up the lease the couple had and to compete two times that she had already agreed to. Back together now, Whitney says, “It’s been really special in this fight camp, that he’s been kind of my right-hand man and he’s my number one; clinch partner, sparring partner, pad holder, drilling partner. We set everything out before we train every night. We talk about it before we come to train, so, we know what we’re doing. Then we jam pack it all in two hours. So, it’s like a private session every time we go to train. So, we’re well prepare for this.”

How do you feel about fighting for Lion Fight?

“It’s fantastic, you know, Lion fights has been around for a while and they’re known as the number one promotion in America. They’ve had such great names like; Kaylee Reece, Kevin Ross, Iman Barlow, so amazing, with beautiful technique. I hope to keep that tradition going by presenting beautiful Muay Thai when I fight.”

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