Lisa Edinger

Lisa Edinger ready to give rude welcome to Canadian Taylor McClatchie at USKA Philly Fight Night 2

Lisa Edinger spends much of her life in different classrooms.  Whether it is at school where she is a substitute teacher, or one of the training facilities where she sharpens her fighting skills, Lisa is laser-focused and prepared to do whatever necessary to get the job done.

“I started out taking a cardio kickboxing class for fun and to stay in shape and it was a good way to get stress out. After about 3 months, my coach, Eric Karner asked me if I wanted to progress and do muay-thai.  I said yes. After another 3 months, he asked me if I wanted to take a fight.  I said sure.  Let me see how I make out with my hands and how  I’ve progressed.  I wound up going to Virginia by myself, where I got a first round knockout.  It felt so good.  Ever since then, I fell in love with fighting.”

Edinger has paid her dues taking amateur fights and continuing to learn and improve.  Her main training partner has been Devon Estes, who is also a high level female fighting prospect out of 302 BJJ and Muay-Thai. Lisa gives much credit to Devon, Steve McCabe and Karner for bringing her this far.

She now has been granted a professional license and is the co-main event at USKA Philly Fight Night 2, on January 20th. Canadian, Taylor McClitchie is coming off of a vicious head kick KO at Glory in her pro debut and is coming south to test Lisa, who is very confident that her camp has her prepped for a big performance and a victory.

Check out my interview with Lisa below.  I caught up with her after an all-day tournament where she was coaching “her kids” She tells us how she fell in love with fighting and training as well as her thoughts on her upcoming fight, where she believes her hand will definitely be raised.  We will be ringside for interviews and a full recap.


Lisa Edinger, USKA Fights

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