Logan Paul Tyson Fury

Logan Paul says he would fight Tyson Fury in an MMA fight

Jake Paul is coming off a decision loss to Tommy Fury, brother of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury.  Now Logan Paul, Jake’s brother, wants to settle the score between the Paul and Fury families by challenging Tyson to an MMA fight.

The problem is…. neither Logan or Tyson are MMA fighters.

Speaking on to reporter Ariel Helwani on BT Sport, Logan Paul said: “You know what I would do because I saw Tyson talking ****, I would fight Tyson in an MMA fight. I really would. I just don’t care how big he is bro. If you have not wrestled or done ground work, I don’t care how big you are.

“You better land the first two punches that you throw and it better knock me out, otherwise I’m taking you to the ground, I’m taking your back and I’m choking you out.”

Logan Paul has one amateur, one pro, and one exhibition bout on his boxing resume. He went to a draw with rapper KSI, then lost a rematch, and then in the exhibition against Floyd Mayweather Jr., no winner was declared. Not the greatest boxing resume to be challenging the heavyweight champion of the world. But… he’s challenging the boxing champ to an MMA fight.

Mark this one down as a fight that will never happen, but then again…. stranger things have happened.

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