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Tommy Fury tops Jake Paul in eight round fight

Scenes were electric at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia as Tommy Fury easily outclassed Jake Paul despite the split decision. Fury became the man to stop Paul’s reign of terror on the sport of boxing and sanctified himself from the past two and a half years of pullouts from bouts with “The Problem Child.”

Tommy Fury Dethrones Jake Paul

After Tommy Fury walked to the ring, Jake Paul tried the oldest trick in the book and made Fury wait in the ring for him to walk out. The that was the last time Paul was in command of anything in the fight with Fury.

From the start of the first round, Fury was in control of the fight commanding the ring with a jab. After a quick bum rush and dump of adrenaline, Fury settled in and started to work Paul out and start to land damage.

By the end of the second round, Fury had Paul breathing out his mouth, a tell tale sign of a fatiguing fighter. Fury would see Paul fighting to get back into the fight and eat some good lead hooks from Jake Paul, a new wrinkle to his game, but Fury, being the more experienced boxer, made an adjustment requiring Paul to adjust to that. Paul wouldn’t. If it wasn’t the jab setting up the overhand right, Paul had almost nothing going for him except for the aforementioned odd lead hook.

In the eighth round drama ensued as Paul caught Fury with a jab while he was out of position that sent Fury to the canvas. But Tommy Fury was not hurt and popped back up and won the rest of the round.

All in all, Paul won one, maybe two rounds. But with the 10-8 in the eighth round, it smelled of controversy as a draw seemed to be in the cards. Two of the judges, thankfully, got the fight right. Omar Mintun and Daniel Van de Wiele both scored the fight 76-73 to Paul and Mike Ross was the lone dissident giving the fight to Paul, 75-74.

All in all the fight was an entertaining one, although not high level like Tommy Fury’s brother Tyson. Paul claims he will activate his rematch clause but that will remain to be seen. Paul might not want to get in the ring with Fury again after the whooping he took tonight.

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