Mackenzie Dern

Mackenzie Dern isn’t worried about weight cut ahead of return from pregnancy

Mackenzie Dern had her baby in June and will make the walk to the Octagon in October. It is no doubt a quick turnaround. Add in the fact, she has had trouble making weight in the past. So, the added weight from the pregnancy could be a concern.

Yet, Dern is not worried about that as she is confident she will make weight as she says she is just barely over the limit right now, weeks out.

“I’m just six pounds over the limit and I still have seven weeks left,” Dern said to MMA Fighting. “I know that breastfeeding helps burning calories without even noticing it, plus all the training. My weight is fine, I’m actually surprised. My idea is to burn the fat I got because of the milk and all that, and add muscle.

“I’m focusing on my diet and training. The UFC is sending me meals every day and that helps me a lot because I have no time to cook with the baby. They’ve been helping me a lot.”

Although she is confident she will make weight, Mackenzie Dern says the UFC were pondering on whether or not to give her a fight at strawweight.

“The UFC was struggling to decide if they would clear me or not because I’m still breastfeeding. They were afraid that I would stop producing milk when I cut weight and affect my daughter, but it’s all good,” Dern said. “I’ve been cleared by the doctors and the UFC. I’m feeling fine.

“We get more tired because we don’t get to sleep sometimes and have to wake up early, but other than that everything is normal. It’s just like one of those regular training camps I had prior to being a mom.”

Regardless, Mackenzie Dern is more than confident she will make weight at UFC Tampa.

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