Paige VanZant details rape in new book, UFC star opens up for first time

Paige VanZant reveals she makes more from Instagram than fighting

Paige VanZant wants to get paid her worth in her upcoming free agency.

The 25-year-old has just one fight left on her current UFC contract and has said she will test free agency. Paige VanZant does not believe she is paid what she brings to the UFC and revealed she actually makes more from sponsors on Instagram then fighting.

I make way more money sitting at home, posting pictures on Instagram, than I do fighting.”

She also wants to be paid what she is worth.

“I do think my value is significantly higher than what I’m currently valued at,” VanZant said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show. “I want a significant pay raise, to be completely honest, I do think that my value is really low [right now]. My manager says I need to start talking highly about myself and standing up for myself. When I fought Michelle Waterson, we had some of the highest views on FOX in years and years and years. We set the record, we blew everyone out. We had amazing views when we were on FOX. Killed it on FOX. Coming off of Dancing with the Stars, with the fan base I’ve been able to build up, doing my book tour… I’ve just been extremely accomplished outside of the UFC as well as in the UFC.

“I see these other stars that cross over from other organizations,” VanZant continued. “Take CM Punk. I don’t think I have quite the same star value CM Punk does. It’s a different industry, and he has a huge fanbase where he comes from. Greg Hardy, him coming over from football. All these other stars, and what the UFC values them at, I’m not saying they’re devaluing me, because this is an extremely old contract, but I do know how much money I make in comparison to them, and I do want to show the UFC that I’m so much more than a star outside of fighting. I’m a star in the UFC as well.”

Whether or not the UFC will give her the money is to be seen. But, it is very possible, Paige VanZant leaves in free agency and goes to another promotion.

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