Mateo Vogel

Mateo Vogel on Taylor Christopher title fight at BFL 74

Mateo Vogel tests skills against Taylor Christopher in a 145-pound title defense at BFL 74 on October 12th.

Vogel once again appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts. The featherweight champ touched on multiple topics during our conversation. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Mateo Vogel

Winning the BFL title last time out and the feeling of getting the belt wrapped around him

“I’m the kind of guy where it’s relief, right. It feels like it fits. It feels like something that belongs. An event that I’ve already visualized and I’ve already prepared for mentally, right. I’ve already mentally prepared to be a champion.  I already knew it would happen, I’ve already said it to myself. Already written into my journal every single day of my life.”

“So I already knew that these things would happen. To be a champion, that day was more of a fulfillment of that and checking off a box. So it’s a step that needed to happen along the way and it feels like it fits. So everything is basically on track at this point.”

BFL 74

Vogel’s level of tape studying and the thoughts on his opponent Taylor Christopher

“I learn about them (his opponents), I respect them. I respect this guy. But at the end of the day, I’m focused on me. I’m focused on what I like to do, what I want to do. I like to learn about the opponents in terms of Taylor Christopher looks like a very athletic guy. Looks like a little powerhouse.”

“So yeah, I’m looking forward to another hard fight. I’m not too concerned about being dragged anywhere. I’m kind of sitting in this spot where I can fight in any realm of this sport. Not out of my depth anywhere. So to overly focus on an opponent, I think you kind of lose the opportunity to focus on yourself.”

Parting thoughts for Mateo Vogel

“I’d say the same thing, I look forward to going to work…. This is the culmination of hard work but this is my chance to show off and really showcase what I can do. So if you tune into this fight, you’re going to see a whole different side of me that I’ve never been able to show before. It’s going to be five rounds too. Whether it’s a quick finish or whether it has to go the distance, I know that I’m ready. I know that I’ve done the work. I’m ready to show off.”

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