Matt Bessette recaps ‘pretty dope’ KO win at CES 60, regaining title (VIDEO)

Matt Bessette capped off an exciting CES 60 event with a highlight reel knockout over a game Charles Cheeks III. “The Mangler” regained the CES featherweight title in the victory — a title he didn’t lose in an actual fight — at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI.

Following the win, Bessette spoke with members of the media, including about the walk off knockout, why he didn’t care how the judges may have scored the first two rounds, what may be next following the win, his teammate Johnny Lopez’ loss to Blaine Shutt for the inaugural flyweight title, potentially sharing a fight card with Greg Rebello for the last time and much more.

Check out the full conversation with CES featherweight champion Matt Bessette following his main event knockout win in the video above.

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