McGregor's Magnificent Record

McGregor’s Magnificent Record

It is without a doubt that Conor McGregor has experienced quite an illustrious career in a very short period of time. His rise through the ranks has been nothing but exceptional and astonishing at best. McGregor managed to make a name for himself by defeating some of the best fighters in boxing, and once he came to dominate mixed martial arts, he went on to maintain his leadership with some impressive performances.

McGregor’s record in the UFC is impressive to say the least.  In his first seven UFC fights, Conor ‘Mystic Mac’ McGregor, successfully won most of them. Of those seven wins, were six by knockouts against strong opponents, some of who dubbed him as being an underdog. The one exception in this case, was a match with Max Holloway, where he won by a unanimous decision after suffering a tear in the knee.

Despite this shortcoming, McGregor enjoys defeats over some respectable opponents which include Dustin Poirier, Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo. In the case of Jose Aldo, Aldo’s ten year supreme reign was crushed in a matter of 13 seconds.

McGregor thrives on media frenzy. In all matches to date, we can see them as broadcast a considerable number of times, and it seems the more this boxer is in the spotlight, the more his luck turns for the good. McGregor also likes to be the underdog. The reason as to why this is, largely stems from the fact that he manages to win in under the most extraordinary conditions. In the past, McGregor commandingly won when odds were heavily stacked against him, but struggled in those matches where he was widely tipped to win. McGregor’s prowess in the cage makes him the first and only fighter in the history of mixed martial arts to simultaneously hold two titles in different categories. It can be said that McGregor’s biggest asset is his self belief; once he is raring to go it is almost impossible to stop him.

McGregor has done what many others have failed to do in a short period of time. At 28 years of age, McGregor is already the highest paid athlete in UFC history and commands a strong following. He also manages to popularise a sport that had minimal attraction in the past. McGregor’s presence is reminiscent of European football hype when he enters the cage.

For a man of his age, McGregor has definitely achieved more than most would. His fighting record is quite impressive, as are his performances and abilities to pull large crowds. We can all vouch by saying that this fighter makes mixed martial arts quite an appealing sport to follow these days.

Mayweather vs McGregor infographic

Mayweather vs. McGregor

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