Michael Chiesa

Michael Chiesa celebrates after picking up a win over Diego Sanchez at UFC 239.

Michael Chiesa outgrapples and dominates Neil Magny, calls for Colby Covington next

Coming into Wednesday afternoon’s main event of UFC Fight Island 8, Michael Chiesa and Neil Magny entered the Octagon looking to make a major statement in the welterweight division, and a statement was made. Both guys were ranked right next to each other at 170 pounds and looking for a victory to elevate them potentially into the top-five in the rankings, and another big named opponent next.

In the beginning of the fight, Chiesa seemed comfortable on the feet but was able to secure a late takedown in the first. While Magny was bringing pressure early on in the first round, the bell would sound with Chiesa ending up in top position on the ground and winning the first.

As the second round began, both guys immediately clinched and Chiesa tried to go back for another takedown, but Magny showed great takedown defense early on. Chiesa did not give up on the clinch and was able to secure another takedown and shortly after, a third takedown followed.

Once Chiesa secured his third takedown of the fight, he immediately started going to work and landed some ground-and-pound strikes which seemed to bother Magny, Chiesa continued to smother him with his grappling. As the second round came to an end Chiesa once again finished on top, giving him the first two rounds of the fight under his belt. Through two rounds, Daniel Cormier said on the broadcast that Chiesa was fighting a “perfect fight”.

After his corner told him he was down two rounds to Chiesa, Neil Magny came out strong in the third round and brought the fight to Chiesa. As both men were up against the cage, Magny turned the tide momentarily when he secured a trip on Chiesa and started to use the clinch to give himself the advantage in the third round. A wrestling scramble would ensue between the two which would see Chiesa take the neck of Magny, and get back to top position, throwing multiple submissions up on Magny to again end another round on top as the third came to an end. While Magny had some momentum early in the round, Chiesa took the first three rounds of the five-round main event.

The fight then moved into the championship rounds where it was much of the same for Michael Chiesa who again dominated on the ground and was clearly wearing down Magny throughout the round. Magny would get to his feet and throw a flying knee, but Chiesa shrugged it off and took the fight back to the ground. The end of the fourth round finished just like the previous three rounds, and Chiesa took another round.

As the fifth and final round began, there was some thought on the broadcast that Chiesa could be getting tired, but he came out just as he did in the previous four rounds and took control of the round early. With two minutes left in the fight, Chiesa found himself back in top position and it was the same story throughout the fight, he finished on top to show off an incredible display of grappling against Neil Magny.

Official decision: Michael Chiesa defeats Neil Magny by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)

Following his fourth consecutive victory, Chiesa called for a fight against former interim welterweight champion, Colby Covington.


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