Michigan Rep, Ryan Berman, Introduces Bill For BJJ Blue Belt Requirement For Officers

With cries for police reform around the country, many have floated the idea of mandatory Jiu Jitsu classes for officers. Names from Joe Rogan to politician Andrew Yang have proposed the idea with the Gracie’s behind the movement. The state of Michigan isn’t the first police force to put in such rules, but a bill introduced will do just that. The Michigan Bill 4525, suggested by Ryan Berman, will propose that all officers hold a blue belt ranking.

When asked reasoning behind the bill, Bergman is quite frank. “So then they don’t have to use excessive force. They don’t have to punch someone 15 times to submit.”

Ryan Berman is a member of Michigan’s House of Representatives from District 39. He won the seat in 2018 as a Republican. The bill is one of 11 that are currently making their way through legislation.

Ryan Berman, Jiu Jitsu and Police Reform

Ryan Berman, suggesting the bill, saying, “It’s really to help them so these situations don’t happen, so they don’t use unnecessary force, and they will have more tools in their toolbox, if you will, to handle any situation that arises,”

While police reform is a hot issue in the United States, the country has been divided on how to go about doing so. While there are some big names pushing for Jiu Jitsu implementation in training for police, there are some who are adamant on the thought that officers will abuse the training received. These claims have yet to be proven true or false.

One year ago, the Marietta Police Department implemented a similar program and started training their officers in Jiu Jitsu as well.

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