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Miocic Sets UFC Heavyweight Record

Stipe Miocic has set a record for the UFC Heavyweight division after the title win over Francis Ngannou. This was his third successive defense of the title, and he turned the highly anticipated fight into a masterful, methodical bout, winning the main event for UFC 220 at TD Garden. Miocic won 50 – 44 on all of the three scorecards for the fight, and was, in fact, never very seriously tested by the unrefined, raw Ngannou.

A Much Anticipated Meet Up

Miocic, 18 – 2, and Ngannou, 11 – 2, had UFC fans and punters enjoying the sports betting NZ provides access to abuzz with what was possibly the most hyped up heavyweight title fight since Brock Lesnar was the division’s class.

Both Miocic and Ngannou have built their reputations the strength of their knockouts, and Ngannou is only recently coming off a KO that belongs in the hall of fame just seven short weeks ago. Both of the fighters were winded by the 3rd round, and Ngannou seemed sleepy as a few blows in the 5th round failed to land.

Miocic May Have Underestimated Ngannou Initially

In the fight’s 1st round, it seemed like it would possibly reach incredible heights, with the fighters tagging each other a number of times, each blow leaving the receiver staggered and seemingly on the brink of serious difficulty.

Miocic later stated that Ngannou was a tough fighter, and admitted that his opponent had caught him in the 1st round, but Miocic managed to regain control.

Ngannou Did the Same

The fight actually never picked up from there: Miocic spent the remainder of it just hammering away, and Ngannou tried to cover up, desperately hoping for the chance to deliver one KO punch.

Ngannou, born in the Cameroon, who has criticized President Trump for his disgraceful, disrespectful description of African countries, never quite managed to tap into that reserve power, however.

Ngannou, whose rise from homelessness to a contender for the Heavyweight title has captivated the imagination of a sport eagerly on the hunt for a new star, admitted to underestimating the power of Miocic.

The Best Heavyweight in the UFC?

Miocic beat Fabrício Werdum in a fight for the Heavyweight title in May of 2016, and followed this with wins against Alistair Overeem, Junior dos Santos, and, now, Ngannou. This is a record book moment for the fighter, who could lay claim to being the greatest heavyweight in UFC history.

Miocic is considered to be versatile in MMA as far as grappling and striking are concerned, and is thought to be a multifaceted fighter thanks to his footwork, agility and strength. He works as a part-time firefighter paramedic in Ohio, and has stated that he has considered becoming a full-time firefighter in the future. His wife, Ryan Marie Carney, and he have been married since 2016, and announced in January this year that they are going to be having a baby.

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