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Khonry Gracie is becoming a part of the family tradition

The Legacy of the Gracies Set to Continue

Can the oldest son of the single most influential figure in MMA expand the legacy of this sports First Family?

Royce’s Entry Into the UFC

From a locker room inside the Denver McNichol sports Arena, Royce Gracie viewed the televised decimation: the first clash in the first octagon ended in just 26 seconds, with a flying tooth and the 400 lbs pound sumo wrestler owner of that tooth both bouncing off the fence, the latter face first. This cascade of violence saw the revolution in martial arts ushered in 25 years ago. Pausing during his warmup, Royce chuckled alongside his family -the giant Tuili should have learned Gracie jiu-jitsu.

By the time Royce’s turn in the single elimination tournament came around, the city was awash with anticipation and aggression. Viewers caught their breath when they saw Royce solemnly making his entrance into the UFC.

The Gracies in Action

The tall and slender fighter from Brazil seemed very suspiciously out of place, until he suddenly was not. Fighters and fans alike had never seen a style so unassuming and fluid, yet so incredibly devastating. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Only fighting aficionados would have known about Gracie’s feats in Brazil, or of their American satellite situated in Torrance California. They would probably have seen the VHS tapes that featured the Gracies and their students taking part in challenging matches. The Gracies in Action is what made the case for the ground-based defense and attack strategies that the family had created.

Khonry Makes a Quick Jump to Pro Fights

Just four months ago, Khonry took part in the second bout of a Tennessee amateur card. At his young age, and without any kind of competitive jiu-jitsu resume to compare him by, this jump to professional fighting may seem quick. Bellator has, however, signed a number of newcomers to their first professional contract as they try to identify and build untapped talent into draw cards the public will care about. Scott Coker felt it was worth a shot taking a chance on Royce Gracie’s offspring, however untested a fighter he may be, and there are many punters who enjoy the MMA thanks to the online betting NZ has to offer who no doubt stand in full agreement.

Royce is Khonry’s Main Trainer, Not His Babysitter

Royce thinks of himself as his son’s chief trainer, not his babysitter, and had joined in the corner by Rodrigo and Royler Gracie during the recent Bellator 192 undercard fight at The Forum in Inglewood, California. The odds makers at online betting nz produced odds on the bout.

Royce stated that he was not raised to be a fighter per say, but to learn how to fight. He spoke of the curse and the blessing of his last name, and stated that this was what he had taught his kids. He said that they were not forced to teach or to fight, but to learn how to, because of the fact that he was their father, and Royce knows that the question of who their dad was would arise at some point in their lives. Head over to online betting nz for more on MMA predictions.

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