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MMA vs Boxing: 4 Boxers That Had The Courage To Try MMA

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The sport of Mixed Martial Arts was built on the instinctive curiosity behind one question:

“What would happen if this kind of fighter fought that kind of fighter?”

In the early UFC, all we saw were crossover fights between various kinds of martial arts.

As the sport evolved, the participants involved became ‘mixed martial artists’, a term created to indicate a fighter that is a student of multiple mixed martial arts.

Over time, the possibility for ‘crossover fights’ diminished as a result, but the demand by the public hadn’t.

And so the ‘MMA vs Boxing’ debate began.

When we hear the potential for a crossover bout nowadays, it’s almost automatically assumed that the MMA fighter will step into the boxing ring, for two main reasons:

1) Boxing makes more money

2) Boxing is safer

However, there was a select few times that boxers have shown a willingness to step into the cage.

The above video outlines 4 times that an MMA fighter vs boxer match-up took place under the rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

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