Mohammad Fakhreddine clears weigh ins and emerges fan favorite in Jordan

Mohammad Fakhreddine clears weigh-ins and emerges fan favorite in Jordan

Mohammad Fakhreddine made weight to face of Tahar Hadbi at Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises. The welterweight fighter from Lebanon is looking forward to settle the hottest rivalry in Middle Eastern MMA at the tenth edition of the event hosted by Jordan. The first confrontation between Hadbi and Fakhreddine ended up in a no-contest due to an accidental groin shot that forced Fakhreddine to quit the bout. Though Fakhreddine claimed at multiple instances that the shots were intentional, Hadbi had denied it and accused that Fakhreddine placed it since he was unable to go ahead and was profusely bleeding from the face during the bout.

Fakhreddine had never been knocked out or submitted in his entire career and pose an imminent threat to Hadbi who is suffering a series of disappointing no-contests in his career. Fakhreddine, the former Desert Force Champion received overwhelming welcome from the fans in Jordan and had completed his training in Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand preparing for the fight. Having lost his opportunity to contend for the welterweight championship in Brazil, Fakhreddine made it a point to ensure he is on weight for the competition against his fiercest rival. At the same time Tahar Hadbi also made weight and is confident to put one of the best fights in the history of MMA in the Middle East on March 2 at the Boxing Arena in Al Hussein Youth City in Amman, Jordan.

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