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Musician Tovaun Anthony Finding Success Making MMA Rap Prediction Videos

Interview with Tovaun Anthony above – Check it out


Musician Tovaun Anthony talks about how he ended up doing MMA predictions as rap songs. Tovaun also talks about how he became an MMA fan, working in I.T. as a dayjob and getting a shoutout from Michael Bisping for his work.

“I just started off talking about my favorite fighters, Usman, Kattar, Shevchenko, Holloway. Everybody that had an influence on me as far as the game, like watching. These people as I name as well when I’m training Muay-Thai or striking or anything in general. I take a little bit from them. I see them asses the situation like this, or here is where I want to go. That’s kind of where I wanted to go with it.”



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