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MYMMANEWS Unsung Hero: Chance the Security Guard recounts Dillon Danis incident

Like it or not, Dillon Danis has garnered the reputation of becoming one of the most disliked figures in combat sports. Whether online or offline, trouble follows him, as his actions have unveiled a downward spiral in his professional career and personal life. He has faced many challenges in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts, emerging victorious in many of those confrontations. However, as the fight game teaches us, one should never underestimate their opponent. Danis was reminded of this lesson in an altercation at the Beachcomber Bar and Grill in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

A recent video surfaced online (above) showing the Bellator fighter being completely subdued by an unknown heroic security guard/bouncer, aiming to halt Danis’s unruly behavior by way of rear-naked-choke from the back, forcing Danis to tap. The security guard’s philanthropic efforts have been given high praises and respect throughout the fight community, opening the door for a wealth of opportunities for the mysterious hero, simply doing his job.

Who is this nameless valiant figure known as “Chance The Security Guard”?

Well, ponder no further. MYMMANEWS had the pleasure of connecting with the security officer. Revealing all, we revisit the famous viral incident and introduce the fight world to Chance the Security Guard. (For the purpose of the article, Chance asked that his full name not be published).


I want to start this interview off by getting to know the unsung, now famous hero of the MMA/BJJ community. Who is Chance the Security Guard? 

Chance: “Well, my name is Chance, and I was born in Louisiana, but I grew up in Seaside Heights, NJ, since I was four years old. I am now 23. My hobbies are PC gaming and airsoft. My passion in life is to travel. Since I was 19, I have been to over 15 different countries, mostly in Europe and the Caribbean. I love to travel because it expands your mindset of the world and allows you to live in another’s culture.”


What led you to become a security guard? 

Chance: “I was working as a Chocolatier at the time and needed a nighttime job, so I spoke to a friend that worked at the bar near me, and he got me the job. Over the last two years, it has become my main job now.”


Being a security guard, especially at bars and clubs can be stressful dealing with various personalities. How do you take on the challenge of such a strenuous job role?

Chance: “I love the job and all of the challenges that come with it. The vast majority of the people I have to deal with are drunk, so it helps to remember that the person you are dealing with is more or less in the mindset of a child. For the most part, we have to be patient with them, and anything they say has to be taken not personally but with a grain of salt, and in the event that things get physical, we have to end it as fast as possible without causing injury anyone in the bar.”


On one particular night, you encountered a very infamous personality, BJJ World Champion and Bellator MMA competitor Dillon Danis. Were you familiar with the Dillon Danis’ notoriety in the BJJ/MMA world before the confrontation?

Chance:  “I was not familiar with Dillon Danis at all when he came to the bar that night.”


Would you mind sharing with us the events, which led to the famous viral video?

Chance: “Dillon Danis came on a Saturday night. That night I was the doorman checking IDs. We had already gotten two fake IDs from the wedding party Danis was a part of, and at that time of the night, about midnight, anyone going inside the bar needed an ID and a stamp that indicated their ID was checked. Danis was accompanied by three friends at the time he arrived. I asked for their IDs and received the three friends’ IDs but not Danis’s ID. I told him I could not let him in due to his lack of identification. He was agitated by his denial of entry and proceeded to talk a lot and call us slurs and names. This was nothing out of the ordinary for us. Another bouncer interjected and told Danis to leave the property as he was not permitted to enter, again due to lack of identification.

“While Danis was talking with the second bouncer, I walked behind Danis and his friends. Danis took a step towards the other bouncer, and the bouncer put a hand on Danis’s chest and told him to step back and how he did not have to get closer. This is when all involved began to shove and push. During the altercation, two bartenders jumped over their respective bars to aid the bouncer who was being pushed. At that time, Danis threw a right punch. But before it could land, I grabbed Danis by the neck and took him to the ground with me. I applied a rear-naked choke with pressure for the first few seconds until Danis had calmed down. Once he tapped my arm, I let the pressure up and asked if he was okay, and he gave me a thumbs up, which is when I began to let the pressure up and proceeded to bear hug him until the police came to assist me. Once the police arrived and dealt with the other scuffle I could not see, they came over and assisted me. I helped the police arrest Danis, and once up, he lunged towards the other bouncer and me, but the police officers contained him. After all of this occurred, I did not see anything further.”


The video is out, and it seems as though you want to remain anonymous initially. How did you originally find out about the video featuring yourself?

Chance: “We are all in a group chat at the bar, and a co-worker posted it in the group chat.”


Being a security guard, you were just doing your job that night. How have you been taking in all the appreciation and support the MMA/ BJJ community has given you?

Chance: “It’s been amazing! I have been receiving hundreds of messages, and I have done my best to respond to all of them.”


The support you have received has been overwhelming, opening many opportunities and friendships in your life. Recently, UFC and Bellator veteran Tom DeBlass invited you to train at his academy. How has the experience been so far training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Chance: “I have only done two sessions, but it has been great! The people at the gym are all very friendly and helpful, and they are all very professional when they train. Tom is absolutely a great guy and extremely knowledgeable in the sport of Ju-Jitsu.”


Analyzing the video, you seem to have an understanding of submission grappling/BJJ techniques when utilizing the back take and rear-naked choke to subdue Danis. Training with Professor DeBlass…. How is it different now learning the proper grappling mechanics?

Chance: “Training real grappling holds is definitely different than any other fight experience I’ve had. I trained Krav Maga and Russian Systema. Those styles are much different than jiu jitsu. It’s been a great mix between stuff to use on the streets and stuff to use in a competition.”


From personal experience, the BJJ lifestyle is fantastic, as you will meet amazing people and learn many life lessons along the journey. Do you see yourself continuing your possible grappling journey?

Chance: “I would absolutely love to continue training; it’s a great workout and a great tool to have in my line of work and my personal life.”


What are you looking forward to? It is “rumored” you  have an upcoming ADCC trip  next year.

Chance: “Yea, Gordan Ryan told me he would get me tickets to the ADCC, which was a massive surprise to hear from him. It’s going to be an awesome experience to see what these high-level men and women can do. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is watching my progression from day one and on. It’s going to be great to see how I improve over time and what I become capable of.”


Any final thoughts you would like to tell our readers?

Chance: “Thank you for all of the messages and for reaching out. I really appreciate it. Several people have attempted to give me money, but it didn’t feel right to take money from people. So instead, I’ve set up a GoFund Me for my Army JROTC program that I was in when I was in High School. The program helped me out a lot and probably saved my life. The link can be found on my Instagram chance_3141. If anyone would like to donate, it would be really appreciated, and you would be a legend for doing so. Thanks for the ride, guys; it’s been great!”


If you would like to support Chance the Security Guard please see link below

Link to GoFund Me Donation Page for Chance the Security Guard ’s  Army JROTC Program

Chance the Security Guard and Tom DeBlass
Chance the Security Guard and Tom DeBlass

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