MyMMArijuanaChronicles Episode 1: Zach Maslany

MyMMArijuanaChronicles Episode 1: Zach Maslany

Our first segment of MyMMArijuanaChronicles features 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu head instructor and Finishers podcast host, Zach Maslany whom seemed to be the perfect fit for the inaugural kickoff. Not only is Zach full fledged into the martial arts practice and teachings, he is also a life long marijuana/CBD advocate and user.MyMMArijuanaChronicles Episode 1: Zach Maslany

Getting to know Zach over the years, he has a gentle, yet overly happy demeanor with a kick ass approach to his work ethic. When he puts his heart into something, he goes all in. Which is why I’ve always enjoyed our conversations, be it over the mic, or over a podcast shooting the breeze.

Tune in below for the first episode of MyMMarijuana Chronicles as our host, Adam Crist and guest, Zach Maslany discuss an ongoing pill epidemic, what got us first introduced to the magnificent marijuana plant/CBD.

Safety hazards for people seeking to take an all natural medicine opposed to pharmaceutical drugs, and the overall happiness marijuana has implemented into our daily lives which were previously plagued with anxiety and depression.

Listen to MyMMArijuanaChronicles Episode 1: Zach Maslany below:

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